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Aurora AFX magnatraction
Aurora AFX non magnatraction
Johnny Lightning X-traction (also known as Playing Mantis)
Auto World X-traction (also known as Round 2)
Auto World X-traction Ultra, with dot traction magnet removed for racing.

Chassis must not be cut.

Any parts from the above chassis list will be allowed to be interchanged (where possible) with the others.

Allowed armatures must be stock and come originally fitted to one of the chassis on the list. Armatures must NOT be rewound/balanced/epoxied/trued or cut in any way. Stock fitted Green wire armatures will be permitted.

Allowed magnets must come originally fitted into one of the chassis on the list, usually red (rear) and white (front). NO after market magnets will be permitted.

The magnets must not be glued in the chassis but they can be shimmed to stop them moving around.

A Gear Clip must be used.

OTHER ALLOWED PARTS (to help things run better)

Optional plastic dual guide pin may be changed for a metal guide

Original rear axles may be changed but the replacement must be solid and made of metal.

Original rear wheels may be changed but replacements must have no more than one flange. NO double flange hubs will be permitted. Max width of a rear axle will be 34.0 mm

Original rear tyres may be changed for any type of 'single compound' tyre but must be black in colour.

Original front tyres may be changed for any type of 'single compound' tyre but must be black in colour. O rings may also be used.


Only original Magnatraction Aurora/AFX bodies and the copies of them produced by AW and JL will be allowed. Please choose from :- Can Am, Sports cars, Trans Am, NASCAR and Saloon style bodies.

Competitors are encouraged to re-livery bodies to replicate other 'cars' of the era' but please attempt to make your car look as realistic as possible and use the relevant decals where appropriate.

Bodies may be lowered.

Weight/ballast may be fitted to bodies or chassis.

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The Tomy Ford GT40 and the Autoworld Ford GT bodies are now legal in this class
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