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Ayrton's home run - 1991 Brazilian GP

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Finished off the recent Scalextric individual release of the McLaren MP4/7 in its MP4/6 colours.

Originally I was going to finish the 'plain' model as Senna's British GP car from 1991 with the 'barcode' finish replacing the sponsor name, as I was there at that race and remember very clearly the tension of qualifying in particular, when no matter how devastating Mansell's provisional pole was in the mighty Williams-Renault, everyone held their breath for another late run from the red and white car with the yellow helmet.

However, having watched the Senna documentary recently, I decided to go 'fully leaded' on the livery and make it as close as possible to the Brazilian GP car... Ayrton's first win in his home city, achieved despite being stuck in one gear for the last chunk of the race and against increasing cramp in his upper body.

I painted on the badges on Ayrton's race suit, painted the stripes on his helmet, used some spare Patto's Ferrari decals for the rear wing and made the rest of the decals myself on Crafty Computer Paper.

Tomorrow I'll see how she runs...

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Thanks guys...

at least I'll know where to find it when running for the club!

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Thanks again guys. First test reveals... wow! That magnet's strong! With the body off the chassis bends quite a lot with the pull. Quite how fast it is I'm not sure. Quick enough, I'd have said!

QUOTE (90s F1 Kid @ 8 Feb 2012, 21:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Fingers crossed they'll release Bergers No 2 Mclaren as well sometime.

Absolutely. I was always a Berger fan more than anyone else. Villeneuve before, Alesi after. Heroes the lot of 'em!

QUOTE (DJ @ 8 Feb 2012, 22:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Are these things getting hard to find? I notice Jadlam is asking £80 for these at the moment.

Not as hard as you'd think, and not for that amount of dosh. I got mine at the local Modelzone for the original asking price, but there are some online retailers knocking them out at sub-£30 (and the Prost Williams too).
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Patto's Place does the correct Camel logos for the Mansell car, and a sheet of all sizes that should probably fit the Prost version.

On my car the rear wing decals were also from Patto's - from a set for the 1988 or 1991 Ferrari - can't remember which one I used!

The rest were simply Google'd logos printed on Craft Computer Paper (Inkjet waterslide).
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