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Hmmm... probably the reason why JPM didn't clinch the World Championship...

Slotsmorefun has a whole range of 1/32nd scale babes available.

Kinda reminds me of the song called "Slot Car Slut" by the Australian rock group Kaleidoscope. The song is about a girl who hangs out at the slot car track with the boys. Lyrics along the lines of "She's a pretty little fashion trap... funky shoe with a broken strap... hanging out with the guys down at the track... it's something that she can't explain... little men in cars driving her insane... got your trigger finger ready... breathing heavy... get your slot car ready... you know her engines running hot... she is a slot car slut".

Believe it or not, I'm told that Kaleidoscope is a pretty good rock group... but there is no accounting for taste!

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The figures pictured above and on that website are pre painted and pre-assembled figures, which have been made from the preiser 1:32 'combination eve kit' (unpainted), to make nudes, paint pit bikinis on, or use as a starting place for some kind of clothed model apparently.

I got a set of the kit from ontracks, I think slot32 do them too, and you get 7 heads and bodies, and more than enough arms and legs to give you a bit of scope in posing them. Assembling them was easier and less fiddly than I thought they would be, though I made life tough for myself by modifying a lot of the joints so I could have better or prefered poses than the ones that they normally fall into.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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