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A few years back I have an HO track with lap counter and everything. I ended up selling it. I recently stumbled across the Carerra Digital tracks. I am very interested in getting back into the hobby. I would like either a 1/32 or 1/24 digital. Please give me your thoughts how the best way to get into the digital slot tracks.
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Hi Michael
I am a very bias Carrera Digital user
I started with a basic set and then built on that by buying an Evolution (Analogue) set which is much cheaper than digital but has exactly the same track pieces and you can always add a digital chip in the Evolution cars so they will run on the digital track.

The example to put up defiantly would be a good start and to me it seems to be a good price but keep looking at different sets - Ferrari Competition and Motor Monster are also great sets.

I have also started buying 1:24 cars and to run these cars you will also need to purchase a 2nd power unit - 1:24 runs at 18V instead of 14.8V for 1:32 - they will run on 14.8V but slower

Hope this helps and welcome back to Slots.


Forget the copper tape because the rails are stainless steel and have no connectivity issues that I have come across.
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