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Hi there all in SF.
After a break of more years than I should have had, Santa knew that I had been a good boy all 2011 and got me the Platinum Scalextric Digital Set plus a few other bits as well.
What can I say? Awesome just doesn't decribe the difference between my youmger days on Classic and now.
Having been asked about what I got for Xmas, when I said Scalextric there were a few knowing nods and some joshing about crashing off and how the Minis never ever stayed on the track. After a couple of beers an invite was made at 21:00 hours and back to the house for a run. 6 hours later I managed to convince them all to go home (6 cars on 2 tracks blew their minds). They are already thinking about a weekend blast starting Friday for Practice, Saturday for Qualifying and Sunday for the race linked into the Superbowl weekend. Offers of a larger space to set up the Monaco/Silverstone circuit that the Elves assisted Santa getting me what was needed.

I have browsed some of the topics and there is such a wealth of knowledge here on SF that I see that I'm going to take some time to absorb it all. I'm stunned by the Pit-Pro and PC Lapcounter stuff along with all the reprogramming available for the PB6. Can't wait to read and understand it all and think about linking it all together.
Where have I been all these years

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Welcome back gav.
I've just come down from the attic where I've been playing with my latest addition, wireless throttles for my SSDC setup. Superlatives don't go far enough!
Get ready to spend a shed load in the next year. You'll really enjoy yourself.
Hope the interest stays there with your mates. So much fun having a load of you racing together.
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