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Back on track...

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First off all I want to congratulate the moderaters and users of this forum, I only know this site for a few hours, and I already read a lot of interesting topics.

I'm new here so I guess I should introduce myself a little...

I'm Gunther, 25 years old, and I love cars and anything around them.

I used to slotrace as a kid, but I forgot how fun it really was... a few months ago I re-started slotracing with some friends on an old Scalextric track in a garage...
We had loads of fun... but the cars were old and the track was not in a very good shape... but I was totally into slotracing so I bought a brand new Ninco M3GTR-track... The track was not short but I instantly bought an expansion kit for the track.

Now, a few months later, I have a track from over 16 meters (both lanes are exact 16.30 meters... I don't now how many inches that is) and 13 cars... and looking forward to my own permanent track with scenery and stuff. I can't hardly wait untill this summer, in July I move from my appartment to my own much larger house where I can start building the track! When I start, I'll post pictures of the working progress!

Tonight I will post some pictures from our current "Racing-Nights"...


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We had an un-expected race-night yesterday...

So I had no time to post some pictures...

I took some though!!!

I'll post them asap...

I promised to post some pictures..

And it took a while but here are some:


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