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Back to the roots - or: Why buy trees?

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Hi slotfreaks,

a few days ago I posted a few pictures of my Testtrack here ( There were lots of compliments and questions about my trees. I am a big fan of scenery on slottracks. I like it maximally realistic but minimal expensive. This led to some trees mostly found in nature. Combined with little green out of the model-shop (I prefer Heki, order number 1671 "bushes and trees medium green". They can be put into little pieces an leed to an enourmous result. ( Here are some pictures. All these little branches where taken out of the forest last sunday. They are not treated yet, so imagine what potential they have when you take away a little thing here and there or add something elsewhere. If wanted I can post the progress of making them to trees.

This is blueberry for example. They will give great roadside-trees.

This is Erica, older one out of forest. The ones from the shop dont reach that size.

This is one of my personal favorites: Fat hen. As solitaire it looks little boaring...

...but in combination with arcacia: I like it! Note the shadows,too! Remember: Untill now all is natural, even now it looks great. Now it has to be cut a little here or there, the natural leaves/flowers have to be taken away and replaced by the Heki-ones from above. I did about 35trees like this for less then 20Euro!
How do you produce most realistic trees, do you have ideas,too? I would be very interested to know!

Regards Jens (Kellerkind)
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Nicely done on the test track, by the way. And yes, I too had been admiring your trees. I'd certainly be interested to see how you take them from there to the finished product. Not familiar with the Heiki product you mention.

Although I've searched almost continuously, I've not yet managed to find branchlet stock that will produce the effect that I'm after. So the few trees that currently inhabit my track are done the long way, from a wire wound base.

I use Noch Leaves for foliage. The product suits the openness of gum trees. Still not quite succeeded in producing big gnarled 'old man' red gums.

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