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Bales Of Straw

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Hello freaks of scenery,

a time ago I experimented with some natural goods to get some cheap bales of straw in 1:32 for scenery use. I wasnt too happy with my past bales as they worn fast in contact with crashing cars and they rapidly left their parts everywhere on the track without looking fine anymore. Some time later I found the following idea on the web (dont know if it was here but anyway: Thanks for the idea to whom it may concern).
Well, in combination with my new track I took up the idea again and here is the result: The bales are made from a small wooden block, covered with glue, turned around in some little parts (1-3mm) of a cut sisal-rope and finished by wrapping with a blue-colored copperwire (0.1mm). Their production takes some time, but I threw them on the floor several times and they seem to be very robust...

Have fun,
Regards Jens
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great idea Jens and thanks for sharing. I just happen to have some 20x20 pse in the garage.
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