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Race 1

Eddie's Slot Car World, Vallejo California.

Jairus Watson's Balls Out California Choti Proxy Race
Round 1 (race director: Randy Tragni)

Blue King


13.1VDC (batteries only charger turned off)

Hot! Hit the 90's for part of the day.

Basic Race Rules:
All cars were rotated through the various lanes so that each car was raced on all 8 lanes.
Any car that suffered a mechanical failure was eliminated from competition (fortunately, only one car).
Drivers did not move (i.e., stayed on the same lane throughout the entire race).
Each heat was 2 minutes in length.

Drivers List:
Richard Clark (green)
Sean-Marc Euraro (purple)
Eric Jan (white)
Wolf Immel (black)
Lisa Immel (orange)
Tom Joseph (yellow)
Frank Rotgaber (blue)
Randy Tragni (red)
* Hunter Immel (alternate)

Turn Marshals/Race Control:
Uncle Gary Hoehn
Hunter Immel
Floyd Todd
Eddie Wong
Janet Wong

First race results:
1 Tony P, ThingyZilla
2 Mike Kravitz, Choti
3 Oscar Morales, #16
4 Tom Scott, Choterrari #19
5 Bob Israelite, Gator Bob
6 John Austin, Ghost Pepper #72
7 Steve King, Studebaker #69
8 Bob Suzuki, Love Machine #99
9 Jairus Watson, Guthwine #42
10 Ray Price, #8
11 Jaak Beentjes, Red Devil #77
12 John Havlicek, The Mitt Romney Stars & Stripes Special (or MRSSS)
13 Edo Bertoglio, Desmo Demon
14 Ray Fellows, Noda #66
15 David Cummerow, Cheezewizz
16 Dave Bradshaw, Onward thru the fog #44
17 David Siller, French
18 Al Bond, X-Calibre*
19 Brian McPherson, Pinky #7
20 Eddie Lawley #6 **

*Did not finish:
Al Bond, X-Calibre dropped out on the last bit of the race due to a rear sponge tire coming loose from the rim.

**Did Not Participate:
Eddie Lawley #6 (withdrawn)

Top 3 Finishers:
Tony P, Thingyzilla (winning car), 143 laps
Mike Krazitz, Choti, 140 laps
Oscar Morales, #16, 139 laps

Fastest Lap of the race:
Mike Krazitz' Choti 5.3790 on red (driven by Randy Tragni)

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Thanks for putting this up here Jaak.

Damn tyre, I'd have been less gutted if the thing had have gone up in flames, but to shed a tyre!!!!!! Oh well, I was never in it to win it, but just to participate. Can't wait for the East Coast proxy if it gets underway.

Enjoy the next leg, shame I wont be joining the fray.


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Yeah Al i would have loved to have raced the second leg with you alongside me,
it is a darn shame...although i was thinking the opposite the way you fell out was the cheapest and easiest to fix.
Not that it makes a difference it's still big poopoo as you made a fantastic Thingie.

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Hehehe Al,

Seems you are coming along unless Randy has already shipped the car,

all people voting for new tires for you

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Race 2

Buena Park raceway, Buena Park California.

Jairus Watson's Balls all Out, California Choti Proxy Race
Round 2 (race director: Barney Poynor)

Custom Gerding 155' King

12.6 V

Drivers List:
Craig Correia
Bryan Warmack
John "Tore" Anderson
Dennis Samson
Mike Boemker
Dennis "Foamy" Hill
Mill Conroy
Phil Nyland
Alex Freund
Duran Trujillo
John Cukras

Second race results,Driver---Total Laps---Fastest Lap---Best Lane

1 Mike Kravitz, Choti---195---4.339586---Blue

2 Bob Israelite, Gator Bob---193---4.448620---Blue

3 Tony P, ThingyZilla---189---4.609356---Yellow

4 Oscar Morales, #16---178---4.879073---White

5 Ray Price, #8---175---4,937414---Purple

6 Tom Scott, Choterrari #19---173---4,828813---Yellow

7 John Austin, Ghost Pepper #72---171---4,828864---Yellow

8 Steve King, Studebaker #69---167---4,988564---Yellow

9 David Cummerow, Cheezewizz---159---4.887206---Red

10 Jairus Watson, Guthwine #42---155---5.218571---White

11 Edo Bertoglio, Desmo Demon---153---5.437430---Green

12 Ray Fellows, Noda #66---152---5,206580---Green

13 Bob Suzuki, Love Machine #99---150---4.941468---Orange

14 John Havlicek, MRSSS---136---5.268835---Red

15 Brian McPherson, Pinky #7---136---5.550080---Blue*

16 Al Bond, X-Calibre---66---5.378639---Blue*

17 Jaak Beentjes, Red Devil #77---21---4.828097---Red**

18 David Siller, French---14---6.198691---Red*

19 Dave Bradshaw, Onward thru the fog #44---8---5.652666---Red*


**Motor smoked, look at the front of the car

Top 3 Finishers:
1/ Mike Kravitz, Choti
2/ Bob Israelite, Gator Bob
3/ Tony P, ThingyZilla


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Final Standings, 2 races laps combined

The official results based on the spreadsheet are:

1. Mike Kravitz, Choti 335 laps
2. Tony P, ThingyZilla 332 laps
3. Bob Israelite, Gator Bob 329 laps
4. Oscar Morales, #16 317 laps
5. Tom Scott, Choterrari 311 laps
6. John Austin, Ghost Pepper #72 306 laps
7. Steve King, Studebaker #69 300 laps
8. Ray Price, #8 297 laps
9. Jairus Watson, Guthwine 283 laps
10.Bob Suzuki, Lovemachine 281 laps
11.David Cummerow, Cheese Wizz 274 laps
12.Edo Bertoglio, Desmo Demon 271 laps
13.Ray Fellows, Noda #66 269 laps
14.John Havlicek, Stars & Stripes 256 laps
15.Brian McPherson, Pinky #7 246 laps
16.Al Bond, X-Calibre 177 laps*
17.Jaak Beentjes, Red Devil #77 143 laps*
18.David Siller, French 127 laps*
19.Dave Bradshaw, Onward thru the fog 122 laps*

* Had at least one DNF

Congratulations to Mike Kravitz for winning the proxy

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It would not have been an "Balls All Out" Proxy if there was no smoke,
seems mine took initiative.

The lap time made it all worth it for me, as it shows my design/build was close to the top 3 on that track

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Quote Bryan Warmack:

Here are a couple pics I was able to get on Saturday. I wish I had time for more. We all missed a GREAT shot of a red car that expired coming out of the donut in a GREAT cloud of white smoke but it lasted only a few seconds and no one had a camera ready to see the mushroom cloud!!

The Cars just before the start

Tore and "Fast" Eddie Shorer check 'em out!

The BPR results:

The cake!!

A lot of laughs and great fun and thanks to everyone who made it so!!! Jairus, Barney, Dennis, Craig, ALL the builders, the drivers, the volunteer turn marshalls and anyone else who helped out. Congrats to Mike, Tony and Bob and ALL the builders!!
Thanks Jairus and Barney for all the food!! I heard talk of doing it all again..............

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Glad to Say Red Devil returned home safely.

It is now sitting cozy with the other two proxy Thingies in my Hall of Fame vitrine.

Thanks to Jairus for setting it up and to all the other people who where involved
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