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Ban Scalextric F1?

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ok, at our club the f1 class has just turned into destruction derby, you need a new car every 3 weeks, a complete rebuild every week... now the ninco cars arent causing many problems.. the odd crash here and there, but any scalex models no matter what is done to them theyre just so un predictable they are considering banning scalextric cars.. i can see why, because i have one of the offending f1 cars, but if it does go off pieces go everywhere ive had the car for 3 weeks now the body is completely destroyed, and im on my 3rd chassis. so the question remains: should the scalex cars be banned or not? id like to hear the opinions of other people
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Margate Missiles.

No apologies, these F1 cars of theirs are not up to the job. Hornby have built a rod for their own backs by sticking them down sooooo much that when they do let go, regardless of the track you are using, they will disintergrate when they reach the scene of the accident.

I can't remember who it was at our club who proudly brought down the very first of this new breed a few years ago now but I do recall it lasted no more than three or four laps before totally trashing its nose cone at the end of the straight. Sure, it looked mighty fine tanking down to that corner but it got lose and consigned itself to the parts bin in one fell swoop. It broke the fixings, see.

Whilst magnet free SCX F1 racing is VERY popular with our lot there are no cries to race Scalextric.

I can understand the move to stop running them at your club, Squeezy: just too expensive. Here's a tip, get some SCX cars, take the mugnuts out of 'em and put some hairs on your chest balancing those tail out slides!
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