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Ban Scalextric F1?

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ok, at our club the f1 class has just turned into destruction derby, you need a new car every 3 weeks, a complete rebuild every week... now the ninco cars arent causing many problems.. the odd crash here and there, but any scalex models no matter what is done to them theyre just so un predictable they are considering banning scalextric cars.. i can see why, because i have one of the offending f1 cars, but if it does go off pieces go everywhere ive had the car for 3 weeks now the body is completely destroyed, and im on my 3rd chassis. so the question remains: should the scalex cars be banned or not? id like to hear the opinions of other people
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Actually, the Scaly F1's are quite true to life.... If Scalextrics have got one thing right, Have you seen an F! car go into an accident and come out in 1 piece... very rare, its true, but Scaley have got it spot on.....
The price of the new F1's is a direct comparisom to real F1 prices....

Having seen them, and raced against them, I would never buy one. Im sticking with my scaley Jordan. Admittedly, Im running a widened back axle, modifyed front wing - 3mm cut from the wing posts, Metro front tyres, origional tyres on the rear. Metal bearings on the rear. No magnet but runs 3 grams of lead weight infront og the motor. Front chasiss screw is not fitted, allowing the body to move, and allowing some bounce in the chassis, over the guide (gives a sprung guide effect). Mabouchi motor, from a single seater (15 year old motor). The car has suffered broken front wishbones (glued several times), broken rear axle mounting posts (glued several times) tampo printing comes of every race, and is almost dissapeared. The car has "flown" further than the Euro fighter, having departed the track and struck a marshall, and landed in the sink in the kitchen with all the washing up, and I would still say its as quick as any other F1 car Ive had or seen.

I do and have owned various other manufacturer F1's, and still found this car to be the best of them all...

Its fun to drive, but you need to get out in front. The widened rear axle produces total frustration in the pack, and leads to loads of "offs". Th cars are exceptioanlly light, and the slightest touch of rubber on rubber, they are going to "fly".

Im in agreement with JohnP on his set of rules.

Happy Mootoring

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