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Ban Scalextric F1?

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ok, at our club the f1 class has just turned into destruction derby, you need a new car every 3 weeks, a complete rebuild every week... now the ninco cars arent causing many problems.. the odd crash here and there, but any scalex models no matter what is done to them theyre just so un predictable they are considering banning scalextric cars.. i can see why, because i have one of the offending f1 cars, but if it does go off pieces go everywhere ive had the car for 3 weeks now the body is completely destroyed, and im on my 3rd chassis. so the question remains: should the scalex cars be banned or not? id like to hear the opinions of other people
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Do you run with or without magnets and does the club have Ninco track and what type of controllers are used and what is the age profile of the club members?

If you say the Scalextric cars are uncontrollable then clearly something is wrong as they seem perfectly controllable so let us discuss what needs to be done to give you a better experiance with Scalextric F1 cars.

Clearly Ninco cars are designed for Ninco track and if you run Scalextric cars with magnets on Ninco track I can tell you exactly what the issue is but nobody here believes it!

Ninco track flexes and sags and on the corners that provides for very uneven control with a heavy magnet and you get a variable downforce which does not help with control at all.

Also you will require a lower ohm rating in your controller if you are running Scalextric magnet cars compared to Ninco.

And you may need a different type of tyre compound for Ninco track if you are using Scalextric cars.

Another option is to reduce the downforce by putting Ninco type magnets in the Scalextric cars.

If you were running on SPORT track you would not have to do any of these car modifications but it would probably still help to run a 30 ohm or a 45 ohm controller.


EDIT and on this Ninco track sagging/waviness/uneveness thing it is something that Slotforum member Intergrale acknowledges does happen as we have had private discusions about the issue, so don't say that it does not please. There is simply not enough reinforcement ribbing underneath for heavy magnet cars taking into account the plastic compound used and the thickness of plastic used. It is something that Ninco need to look at if they are thinking of entering the heavy magnet digital world.
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But what if you go to a club where you race with magnets and the local stockist sells more Scaley cars than anything else?

That may be the position that compound goose is in.

I have taken the intitial message to mean that the cars are uncontrollable and that this is the root cause of the issue, not racing in a very close pack.

Maybe I have read it wrong.

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To be honest I have not run Scalextric F1 cars on Ninco but I have had experiance with other Scaley cars. In terms of being frighteningly fast might that be down to turning the power up rather than using stock power?

When running Scaley F1 cars maybe the club should turn the power down if there are so many crashes as coop claims until folk get the handle on them?

Surely that would be the solution?


EDIT this all now seems a bit out of context. Where did all those additional posts suddenly appear from!
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QUOTE Jonny is 100% correct - it's complete balderdash

It is not balderdash and even Jonny's track suffers as does evey Ninco circuit I have tried where heavy magnets are used. There is simply not enough reinforcement ribbing support underneath, but lets say no more about this.

Jonny himself admitted that the studio lighting when filming "Short Circuits" was very hot. That is the root cause of the issue that Jonny had. Black flexy track will expand under intense heat and conditions experianced in a film studio are not typical of typical club or home environments.

QUOTE And mop, when you criticise Ninco track so strongly and then later admit you've never experienced the alleged problem, it does tend to completely undermine your entire argument!

When did I say I haven't experianced the problem. I have!

And it leads to a very random performance for my heavy magnet cars. There is no consistency between one Ninco circuit and the next. It depends very much on how much magnet racing has taken place on that circuit and how much the Ninco plexy track has stretched and sagged in the middle.

In fact I have no problem at all asking every club racer whose club has Ninco track to have a look at it next time you are running heavy magnet cars. Check out the performance on the curves and start asking questions as to why there is so much inconsistency in performance and handling of your car. This is an issue I have never had at the Wrexham circuit which is the only SPORT club circuit I have visited. It only happens when I visit clubs with Ninco track and it is frustrating beyond belief!

But this is off topic as goose has a wood track and clearly these issues do not arrise so it has to be something else.

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Plexy is OK when the air conditions are warm and it is not an issue at all indoors in Spain. Do you see the Spanish running circuits out of doors in direct sunlight?

It is when you have direct sunlight shining on it that it heats up to super temperatures like road tarmac and asphalt and you know what happens to tarmac when it gets very hot. Studio lighting can be much hotter than direct sunlight!


EDIT and yes, I do edit my posts a lot because they are subject to so much scrutiny. I try and make them as clear as possible and if it helps to add a few words or an extra paragraph in hindsight I will do that.
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If there is no difference then why do they sound different?

The SPORT car has a much more pleasant sort of sound to it. It whizzes not unlike the sound that eminates from a turbocharger. This is missing from the standard car. It might be the metal bushes but other makes of car endowed with metal bushed don't whizz so what is it?


PS my emicons don't work. What do I have to do?
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