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Ban Scalextric F1?

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ok, at our club the f1 class has just turned into destruction derby, you need a new car every 3 weeks, a complete rebuild every week... now the ninco cars arent causing many problems.. the odd crash here and there, but any scalex models no matter what is done to them theyre just so un predictable they are considering banning scalextric cars.. i can see why, because i have one of the offending f1 cars, but if it does go off pieces go everywhere ive had the car for 3 weeks now the body is completely destroyed, and im on my 3rd chassis. so the question remains: should the scalex cars be banned or not? id like to hear the opinions of other people
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ok then lets get a few things straight here:

the track is 6 lane routed, surface is some sort of painted on rubber

the cars are allowed any additional parts, as long as the body and chassis are not modified e.g keyholing the body for a bigger crown

controleers, ive tried a 25 parme eco a 35 parma eco a 45 parma turbo and a 60 parma trurbo

the answer is indeed not to use them, but its all i had at the time, placings with my car : 5 6 5 6 4 6

with someone elses car: 3 3 3

but as they are cheap people are using them thats why theyre going to be banned, as they cause so many acctidnts when bits fly off them specificly on the IRL (yes i did indeed locate the shift key

so do you think they should be banned or not...
should the continue to race even though they cause so many problems to other people?
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1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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