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Ban Scalextric F1?

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ok, at our club the f1 class has just turned into destruction derby, you need a new car every 3 weeks, a complete rebuild every week... now the ninco cars arent causing many problems.. the odd crash here and there, but any scalex models no matter what is done to them theyre just so un predictable they are considering banning scalextric cars.. i can see why, because i have one of the offending f1 cars, but if it does go off pieces go everywhere ive had the car for 3 weeks now the body is completely destroyed, and im on my 3rd chassis. so the question remains: should the scalex cars be banned or not? id like to hear the opinions of other people
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Excellent point Tropi.... I can't believe no-one thought of this before...

There's every chance that it could be copper instead of magnatec braid, which would mean that the cars cause destruction even when coming off at comparitively low speeds....

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I assumed from the original post that we were talking magnet onto metal rails type track etc.

I didn`t add earlier that I am designing a all metal body and wings F 1 car as I really like F 1 model racing but am sick of the carnage. Will try and make some progress and put some picks up soon
I remember you saying that actually, now you mention it...

I also remember thinking that it would be highly dangerous too....

Fast, heavy, metal objects... sound like a recipe for blindness to kids standing at track level....

Nothing more than they deserve for taking up precious track time

The weight is kept well low by clever designing and using Pewter? We`ll see but it`ll depend on what material the chassis is made of to determine overall weight. Obviously I`m aware that it`s a factor , after all I wouldn`t want to make my Ninco track sag any more would I now
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You're right Jonny, it's what they deserve... If they don't like cars in their face then they can just grow a bit, eh?

I am intrigued by this still... What kind of process do you go through? Will it be as simple as taking a mould of the plastic one and filling it with molten pewter?

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At the one club where I race (I have three in 12km radius, 1x 25m Ninco, 1x25m wood and 1x 55m 12lane wood Slot X circuit (the one at the top)). Anyway, we were told that the next month we will race Scaly F1s. I got the Toyota and it is super high quality. It did not got too bad on the plastic as is but when I doubled up the mag in the back I could go around without lifting my finger off the trigger, no fun really. With the extra mag it was illegal so I have to race it stock. I can not tell you what the car looks like now. Nose wing is glued, air-intake and camera is glued and I even bend the rear axle in one accident. On wood it goes great and I race it in the F1 Ninco class.
I just finished reading the whole subject..just like the cars we are discussing the subject deslotted a few times ( without damage that can't be repaired ?)

I see 3 problems :
1. scaley F1 cars have more accidents than other brands of cars ?
2. scaley F1 cars are severely damaged (total loss ?) after a crash ?
3.Non scaley drivers want to ban scaley from the race for reason 1) and 2)
I only have scaleys myself, and yes, they do crash and they do fall apart..
but it is my believe that it says more about my driving skills not the quality of the cars. I wonder indeed if these cars are still a toy to be driven around by kids and adults alike or just made for collectors to put on a shelf..

Maybe all the manufacturers should build again racing cars not collector cars..
I never understood that the sport motor version (meant to race faster) was a limited (collectors) edition and the normal version with standard motor..

The question was: should the scaley F1's be banned from the races ? NO !
Should Pitbulls be banned from the streets because they tend to bite people sometimes ? Or is it the owner that makes the dog (car) bad behave ?
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Nah! The Pit Bull, like the Scaley F 1 car, is a bad design meddled with by someone who thought he knew what he was doing,but clearly does not

Just to answer Andy`s point, yes in theory you could do that if you were not going to sell them. I make an original master out of bits and pierces I`ve carved and shaped and then make a master mould ready for the production mould and then spin the castings out .
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I say ban all dogs... it makes for very embaressing conversation after a drunken night out...

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QUOTE I never understood that the sport motor version (meant to race faster) was a limited (collectors) edition and the normal version with standard motor..
To clarify a point - there is no difference, other than the sticker, between the motors in Sport cars and any other Scalextric motor.
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If there is no difference then why do they sound different?

The SPORT car has a much more pleasant sort of sound to it. It whizzes not unlike the sound that eminates from a turbocharger. This is missing from the standard car. It might be the metal bushes but other makes of car endowed with metal bushed don't whizz so what is it?


PS my emicons don't work. What do I have to do?
The whizz comes from the meshing of gears, nothing else. Sidewinders whizz more than inlines, and heavy magnet cars also whizz more (don't know why... possibly because the downforce pulls everything straight

Don't know what others have found but, we have found no difference between the Sport and the regular, some were faster some were slower.

And personally, I don't see a big advantage to brass bearings... I have replaced a few of mine with plastic (for an undisclosed reason

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QUOTE (Tropi @ 19 Oct 2004, 22:56)QUOTE I never understood that the sport motor version (meant to race faster) was a limited (collectors) edition and the normal version with standard motor..
To clarify a point - there is no difference, other than the sticker, between the motors in Sport cars and any other Scalextric motor.


I am also convinced that some other cars (scaley mitsubishi colsoul) have the same sport motor. Maybe the sport motor is just a selection of better running (higher rpm) standard motors, or they put sport motors that did not meet some spec in normal cars. >But I would like to see this in figures ..measured anyone ?

To get back on topic:
I assume the longer braking distance of scaleys also cause them to crash more/at higher speed than others maybe. high speed, light weight, long braking distance , indeed not a car to handle easy.
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Looking at the orginal post isn't the track a routed one. Non mag??

Either way i feel the main problem with open wheelers are ... the open wheels!

Adding a simple rule banning anything wider than an Scalex IRL car and the the magnet maybe!!!

On Domejuddv10 home circuit (follow his link or see the picture competition) just about the quickest magnet car round it is a Renault Scalex F1.

Mind doen't all plastic track flex? Hence Plexy track
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I don't see the need to ban the Scalextric cars...
Surely the Scalextric drivers will get tired of constantly replacing parts for their cars, and eventually purchase a car from another manufacturer?

At the club I race we have an all Scalextric F1 class, with magnets on Scalextric Sport track, and rarely see any serious damage to the cars. All I can remember are a few broken nose cones and broken cameras.
I guess racing chrash and burn could be the main reason for this.

I have both a Sport Renault and one non-sport that I've used for this class, and there is no difference in performance on my cars.
There is a different sound from the Sport version sometimes, but that's just a reminder that I need to oil the rear axle/bushings.

As Tropi said there is no differenc ebetween a 'sport' and 'standard' motor. A scaley mabuchi is the same spec in any car.
This really has become a tedious series of posts. We keep repeating our entrenched positions and are going nowhere. Maybe it needs to be terminated. I for one will no longer access it.
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