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I made some decals to do the Banana Joes' livery to fit on the Scalextric MG Lola.I did the repaint,and then applied the decals.
To see pictures, go to ,then go to Gallery,then to Icemans Slotcars.


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The Sprit Lolas run fine, in fact mine are GREAT runners but they took a little more running in than most.
I have some times comparisons listed somewhere, I will dig them out.

The Ferrari 512s - different story..

The look is slightly wrong and they are very noisy / bad running straight from the box, a shame after the Lolas.

I have two and now they are running very sweet but it took alot to get there...

Each had four hours on the test bench - One hour at 5V, then another hour at 8V then 12V then 14.8V. In between times the gearing was cleaned and plain white toothpaste reapplied to help seat the gears in. Usual tuning was also done and maintained throughout.

I now have two quiet running and very smooth cars but this is extreme just to quietren a car down and get it running even half way decent.

Still all worked out in the end apart from scale look and this has been a heated topic on boards in the past. I feel it is too stumpy in length, especially the cockpit area. I am not the only one but others don't see it so I guess it is all in perception.

If you have a limited budget then there are plenty of other, better cars for the money to be honest, however nice they look and 'yes' overall finish has been an issue on ALL Spirit releases in the past.

Hehe - didn't stop me getting some to have a look see though.

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My 512 was actually better than my Lola from the box.

My Lola had overspray and noticeable paint chips where body sections met, a bent rear wheel and some gear noise. (Not to mention not a drop of oil or grease) I got it running well and like the way it drives now that its been tweaked some.

Only issue I have with the 512 is the squashed look and the amount of tire truing needed to get rid of the molding "stubs"!
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