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Great looking car - hope it goes as good as it looks.

Come on Scaley - there's hardly any tobbacco adverts on this one!! And the ones that are there are tiny and very easy to hide.

Russell Sheldon
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According to the press release, the new car is visibly smaller, more refined and considerable weight saving has been achieved despite the more onerous 2005 structural and crash test requirements.

Under the skin, the second-generation carbon-composite gearbox is a development from 2004. Honda has produced a new engine to meet the challenge of the two-race rule, introduced this season. Smaller, lighter and with a lower centre of gravity.

Kind regards


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theres actualy NO tabaco advertising on this version, its got the Dont Walk logos, instad of lucky strike. i was wondering, if they ban tabaco advertising in F1 completely, will BAR have to change there name, seen as it starnds for British American Racing, as in British American Tabaco Company? surely thats a kind of advertising?

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That is a beautiful car! Come on Button!!

Please please please can somebody make a slot version!
(I have finished my own version of the 2004 car might have to start on this one now! Hi ICEMAN I might need some new decals!)


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Has it got no tobacco logos on as it's being launched in Spain? And I assume that they're under the same type of advertising restrictions as Britain?

And aren't BAT selling their share of the company to Honda?

I have to emphais that I feel the tobacco logos are a *lot* smaller than in previous years, which can only be good for a slot car hope!

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Here are some pictures and write up from Atlas F1.
Great to see the BAR with low numbers!!!


This picture shows the car with rain tyres!!

BAR and Jenson Button will consider themselves failures if they finish as runners-up again this year without winning a race.

The Honda-powered Formula One team unveiled their new Ferrari-chaser at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya on Sunday saying they planned to be World Champions by 2007 but race winners immediately.

"We have to get a win this year, if we don't it's going to be very disappointing," said Briton Button after firing up the BAR 007 and driving a few demonstration laps.

"We've made a good step forward with the car, we've pushed it as close to the limit as we can with the new regulations so we'll be very disappointed as a team and I will be personally if we don't get a win this year."

Button finished second four times in 2004 on his way to third place in the championship. BAR, the revelations of the season, finished as runners-up to runaway champions Ferrari with 10 podiums.

It was BAR's best season, the team eclipsing former champions Williams and McLaren and finally shedding their reputation as big-spending under-achievers.

Nick Fry, who took over as principal after the departure of David Richards in November and Honda's decision to take a 45 percent stake in the team, said the strategy had now changed.

"In order to eventually win the World Championship we need to take the next step and that's to win a race," he declared.

"If we were second again in the Championship but with no wins, we would be incredibly disappointed.

"That would be failure. If we were to win a race and even potentially finish with a lower position that may well be regarded as success," added the Briton.

Big Improvement

BAR were the third team to take the wraps off their new car for the season starting in Australia on March 6.

They know Ferrari plan to complete the first four races with a developed version of last year's F2004 and feel BAR's best chance of victory could therefore be in the early races.

Button, whose future beyond 2005 remains uncertain after his intended move to Williams was blocked, has already said he believes a win in Melbourne could be possible.

"The whole team will be more under pressure this year, which is normal," said the 24-year-old, who partners Japan's Takuma Sato. "I'm sure some people don't expect us to do well, some expect us to finish behind McLaren and Williams.

"But I think we will be very strong and everyone involved over the winter thinks we will be challenging Ferrari."

The new car, taking in new aerodynamic regulations, is smaller than last year's and totally reworked under the skin with a completely revised engine. Fry said the steering wheel, the brake and throttle pedals were the only three things that remained the same from 2004.

"We're very confident there is a big improvement in the car and we're looking forward to showing it," said technical director Geoff Willis.

"It's very much better integrated...overall we think it's a lot more sophisticated package and we hope as big a step for 2005 from 2004 as we had for 2004."

BAR Announce New Partners

Sunday January 16th, 2005

The BAR-Honda Formula One team have announced four new partnerships coinciding with the launch of their car for the 2005 season.

BAR have signed a three-year deal with the Seiko Watch Corporation, which will have its company logo positioned on the race suits of drivers Jenson Button, Takuma Sato, third driver Anthony Davidson and test driver Enrique Bernoldi.

The team have also announced a multi-year deal with NTN Corporation, which becomes an on-car sponsor. NTN is a global manufacturer of bearings and constant velocity joints with total annual sales exceeding $3.5 billion.

The Showa Corporation has also become a technical partner for the team and will supply suspension dampers and will feature on the livery of the new 007.

Avaya, a leading global provider of business communications software, has also joined forces with BAR. The new partnership for 2005 and beyond will migrate the team to IP telephony.

Sunday January 16th, 2005

Japanese driver Takuma Sato is targeting more podium places in the 2005 season and even dreams of scoring his maiden win in Formula One.

The 27-year-old has already qualified on the front row and led a race last season, both firsts for a Japanese. Sato scored 34 points last year - one more than the total number of points won by Japanese drivers in the history of Formula One.

His best finish of 2004 was a third position at the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis, but now the Japanese is hungry for more.

"2005 looks like it will be a very exciting season," said Sato at the launch of his team's new car. "The regulation changes will make it very interesting and a big challenge for all the teams, not only from a technical point of view, but also because of the rule changes.

"BAR had such a great season last year and are very fortunate to be carrying that momentum through to this season and I think that this will definitely help in our challenge for the 2005 Championship. I am going into my second season here with more experience, confidence and team stability.

"Obviously I want to push myself even harder to try and improve on my podium finish last year and my ultimate goal must be to challenge for more podiums and eventually to achieve my first win. This is a great feeling to have going into the new season and I am really looking forward to it."

Button Looking to Consolidate BAR at the Top

Briton Jenson Button says his BAR-Honda team will need to show they can stay at the top of the Formula One field their strong 2004 season.

BAR, who entered the sport in 1999 and were for so long Formula One's under-achievers, finished as runners-up to Ferrari in the Constructors' Championship after Button scored 10 podium finishes.

Despite one pole position, however, Button failed to finish on top of the podium all year long. But the Briton feels confident his mainde win is not far away.

"I am very much looking forward to the start of the season and getting back to racing," said Button. "2005 will be a very important year for BAR as a team, to prove that 2004 wasn't just a one-off. We need to show that we are a consistent top team and again can challenge McLaren and Ferrari for podiums.

"Winter testing has been very encouraging and I have done more mileage in this testing period than ever before. The car has shown good reliability, as has the engine, which is very important considering the new engine regulations whereby one engine must last for two races.

"Michelin is also doing a great job. We have been working very closely with them and the progress we have made with the tyres will make a big difference when we kick off the season in Melbourne. I am hoping, as are the team, that our first win is just around the corner."

Button is staying with BAR in 2005 despite agreeing to return to rivals Williams, the team with which he made his debut in 2000, before the end of last season. BAR, however, disputed the move and the Briton was forced to stay until his contract runs out.

BAR Searching for Elusive First Win with 007

Sunday January 16th, 2005

The BAR team will be looking for their maiden Grand Prix win right from the start of the season, according to CEO Nick Fry.

The Honda-powered squad finished in second place in last year's Constructors' Championship, with 11 podium finishes but without any wins. But Fry believes the new 007 car, unveiled today at the Barcelona circuit, will be another stop forward towards victory.

"Our performance in 2004 was very pleasing and second in the Championship was a credit to the effort and teamwork of each person at BAR Honda," said Fry, who replaced David Richards at the end of last year. "However, we were all disappointed not to win a race and that has to be the first step in our three year plan to win the World Championship.

"The 007 is another step forward, not only in its design and performance but also because the design and build process went very smoothly. This confirms that the organisational and process changes implemented at BAR over the last three years are robust and provide a strong core which enables development of our car through the year and from year to year in pursuit of our goals."

The new car is smaller and its more unified development and integration with the engine has resulted in a tighter packaging. Technical director Geoff Willis said the 007 is a refinement of last year's car with several new developments to make it more competitive.

"I am delighted with the new 007," said Willis. "It is a logical next step for the team, being both a refinement of last year's car concept as well as having a number of significant new developments. With the stability of the technical team and the increasingly close relationship with Honda, we have been able to build a much better integrated installation of engine, chassis and transmission.

"In addition, following a very successful first year with Michelin, we have been able to design the 007 specifically around their tyre characteristics as well as being able to drive the development programme for the demands of the new regulations.

"The most challenging elements of the new Technical Regulations are in the areas of aerodynamics and engine. In both cases we have undertaken an extremely intensive development programme and extensive testing with the '05 Concept car.

"At the same time, the underlying objective was to produce a car that can close the gap to Ferrari and deliver BAR Honda its first race win. We are encouraged by what we have seen of our performance step so far but, as is always the case, we look forward to our real measure of success - the Australian Grand Prix in seven weeks' time."

Honda, now owners of 45% of the team, have produced a new engine to meet the regulations, which will force engines to last for two Grand Prix weekends.

Honda said that although similar in concept to the 2004 unit, the engine has been completely revised to make it smaller, lighter and afford a lower centre of gravity.

"The new regulations for 2005 set us an even greater challenge than we faced for 2004, when we produced a top class Formula One engine," said Takeo Kiuchi, Honda F1's Project leader. "This year we have concentrated on three areas.

"We have made the engine more compact and lowered the centre of gravity to improve the performance of the overall package. We have increased mid- to low-speed torque to improve acceleration at the start and exiting corners.

"Finally - this is our biggest challenge - we are aiming to maintain top power despite the new regulations."
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