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I thought you guys might like to have a bit of a look at our main racing in Australia, touring cars.

hope it works for yous, PS, COPY-PASTE
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My first exposure to Super V8's was on the playstation TOCA 2 racing game. I thought Bathhurst was a made up track, till I saw pictures of the real course. It has to be nuts going through that down hill twisting sections, before the last long straight. The speed channel is carrying it in the U.S. this winter and I am really enjoying it. Looks like great racing and beats the hell out of watching Nastycars going around in circles. I watched the race at Eastern creek in the rain this weekend, great stuff. To bad the Holden (Pontiac GTO) is doing bad in sales here, I will hate to see it go. The first car I bought my daughter was an Aussie car (Mercury Capri) nice little convertable, but no guts.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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