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I thought you guys might like to have a bit of a look at our main racing in Australia, touring cars.

hope it works for yous, PS, COPY-PASTE
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Cruizbz, the circuit is usually a normal bit of road so I got to drive around it in my road car albiet at 60kph and it's intimidating.

At the top of the mountain is Skyline from which you can see forever - not that the guys have a chance to look I guess. Down the hill from there seems very steep and worrying even at 60k. Admittedly they have more road to work with but at the "dipper" you seem to be driving merrily along then driving 90 degrees away from it 6 - 8 foot down almost instantly with your stomach still up there going on the original direction.

I'd always watched bathurst before that but that's when I realised they're lunatics.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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