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Doncha just love Bathurst?
My bride of 21 years and I spent a weekend at a B&B at the top of Conrod (where Dick Johnson stays) not so long ago. I've driven the circuit a few times since the early 'seventies and this last time was hands-down the best. My favourite photo is of my beloved steering her Megane over Skyline. My only regret is that I didn't get a pic of her spearing through the dipper.
(I've also been a patron, many years ago, of the defunct drive-in theatre on conrod but you don't really need the details).
It's a real race track in the suburbs (albeit of a regional city) and an experience not to be missed.
If anyone who lives near, or can get to, Bathurst, NSW, it.

Speaking of the Philip Island Armstrong 500s, I would really love to recreate the grids from that era. My first experience of TV coverage of motor sport (and, I suppose of motor sport in general) was from Melbourne TV station GTV9's coverage of at least one of the races-- I think I was about 14.
I was a pimply-faced apprentice in a Ford dealership (New Oakleigh Motors) when one of the two boss's sons bought the '62 second or third place (I think) Xl Falcon to use in rallies.
I know it's really silly to lust after Renault 750s and Dauphines and Studebaker Larks and Ford Anglias and NSU Prinzes and Lloyd Alexanders and Hillman Minxes and Triumph Heralds...but that's the time I got into motor racing and, in my dotage, I'd really like to relive it. So there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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