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Battery replacement on Scorpius controller

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Hi Guys,
Place controller on table knobs side up.
Remove knobs and 3 x casing screws.
Remove casing half.
This way PCB and spacers stay in place.
Replace batteries, assemble in reverse manner.

The message here is to not take shortcut by leaving knobs on as the spacers become dislodged, making it difficult to re-assemble.

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The knobs have set screws you need to loosen.
I'm wondering how this keeps the spacers on, though? On mine, the spacers weren't held on with anything but the case itself. As soon as you take the case apart, they're loose and fall out of position.
I was planning to glue the spacers to the case halves. Do you think that would be a bad idea?
Oh, I think I get it... the posts that go through the board are on the opposite side of the case.
Got it.
Still, having to remove the knobs adds several more steps to the process. I'd still rather pull off the other side and just glue the spacers in place.
The PCB does NOT fall out the other way around, because the knobs hold it on.
Also, modeler's glue doesn't fog up clear plastic like super glue does.
I'll be honest, though, putting batteries in a thing shouldn't require complicated instructions and multiple steps, even if they last a very long time. I only want the product to improve, so please give some thought to how it would be made or assembled in the future such that the spacers don't fall out no matter how a new customer chooses to perform the battery installation.
That's all I'm saying.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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