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Battery replacement on Scorpius controller

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Hi Guys,
Place controller on table knobs side up.
Remove knobs and 3 x casing screws.
Remove casing half.
This way PCB and spacers stay in place.
Replace batteries, assemble in reverse manner.

The message here is to not take shortcut by leaving knobs on as the spacers become dislodged, making it difficult to re-assemble.

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..... then the PCB has no locating dowels and super glue gives off fumes for days fogging the casing permanently and ruining it.
If you follow my recommendations the spacers and PCB stay on the casing dowels perfectly.
The knob set screws can be loosened using a watch makers flat bladed screwdriver available in the tiny auto sections that most supermarkets have.

You dont need it unless doing it upside down in which case the PCB falls out. Take the smart option.
Its a simple dummies guide farfrom complex.
But you are correct the knobs do hold it in

So now we have 2 methods.
Thanks for your input Greg

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1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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