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The Challenge is on again but who can take on the might of NSR - and win ?

The Teams

Team 1 Scalextric -- Viking

Team 2 Ninco -- Scale Models

Team 3 MRSLOTCAR - -Molesey

Team 4 Slot It -- Challenge

Team 5 SCX -- Battlezone / AEC

Team 6 NSR -- G-Slot

Team 7 Scaleauto -- East Devon

Team 8 Avant Slot - NSSRC


8 Teams with 8 drivers represent 8 different manufacturers to race on a Ninco 8 lane track. Each lane is individually powered by a 12volt 6amp power supply. Lap counting is provided by DS Racing.
The aim is to build the best car to suit the circuit/drivers from the teams allocated manufacturer using only parts available from that manufacturer


Each team will be made up of a team manager & up to 8 drivers.
Each team member will be required to race, marshall & mechanic.
Each driver can only race once.
Each team will be allowed 1 guest professional driver only


Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, NSR,, Scaleauto, Mr Slotcar, Avant Slot.


A 4 Hour endurance race with each driver sharing equal responsibility with driving, marshalling & mechanicing.
As this is an endurance race cars will be placed in parc ferme immediately after scrutineering and between each race segment. In the event of a car breakdown repairs must be made in the servicing area during race time only.

• 1 car only to be used throughout the race, if a part breaks or fails during a heat, the car can be repaired during race time at the Scrutineering benches under supervision of the scruntineers using only the parts allowed in the provided spares boxes for each team.

• In the unlikely event of a total write off where the original car is beyond repair a replacement car (conforming to the rules) may be used for the remainder of the race but no points will be given. (This car will need to be scrutineered before allowed onto the track.)

A full list of rules will be sent to each team on monday.
Please feel free to post any questions

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We at Scale Models are looking to improve our position from last year.
Which to be honest shouldn't be too difficult.


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So sorry guys I cannot see any one beating NSR, IT WOULD BE GOOD IF it was possible, and I am here to be shoot down, what would be good would be if the laps recorded last year were there for those taking part to aim for.
With due respect
Goodluck to you all

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I feel this will be a very hotly contested event, Much closer than last year, those crying NSR haven't seen the rules, come to think of it no body has seen the rules yet, as they don't come out till tomorrow, I strongly suspect with standard motors, standard tyres, standard motor positioning (in-line) it's going to be more down to set-up than manufacturer.

But as the banter has already started I'm sure it will be a "Fun" event to be part of, and I'm looking forward to it

Team 6

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It will certainly be closer this year, not too sure on the whole NSR winning thing
Better watch out
. Must admit that I have high expectations for our team, gonna be a great day.

Thanks - Lewis
Racing for Avant Slot

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Really looking forward to racing this year in the East Devon team (slotting plus).
Looks like it will be very competitive

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