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Wirral Slot Car Club and Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club are separated by the River Mersey but in reality are only a few miles apart, so the idea is to grow links and offer our membership new challenges. The two clubs have different designed Wooden tracks , one short smooth and New and one long and old with a few bumps and that includes the ”Hump Bridge” .

So each track offers a different challenge to the racer and tuner.

Our objective was to try to. Organise a fun inter club challenge which would create a social event for both clubs as well as a challenge to the racers.

Both Clubs also wanted ways of bringing the racers together in some form of Team event .

Objective the Introduction of a new make and class of slot car, The Revoslot fitted the bill in that it is easy to drive and not a lot of running is required so the racing is closer because of these elements.
Introduction of endurance racing that was long enough to be completed on a week night.

We did have a trial run last year and realised that at each Club the home turf was a big advantage so we looked at an event which would level the field as well as achieve the primary objectives.

So teams of two made up of very good racers “Platinum “ and a beginner or newish member of the club ”Bronze “ , other teams were made up around the skill of the racers and their grading , very much the same as in the Real world of the GT am circuit racers. Silver +silver or in some cases Gold + Silver. ( this is not an exact science but as most of the club members are known it is easy to judge the teams for ensuring fairness.) this idea was to help the newish racer both by coaching and running help.

The races would be held over a week period on a Wednesday night at each track.

The format worked out at 8 teams each team racing for an hour with each of the four lanes run for 15 mins with a driver change at the 8 to 7min mark.
Parc ferme conditions were adhered to between lane changes so any tyre cleaning could only be carried out on the track during race time.

Points were awarded for those teams who entered both rounds of the event , these were 20,15.12,9,6,3,2,1. in their finishing positions . Some teams could not commit to both events so they were not rewarded with points But could win the race of that night only.

We ( both Clubs) did managed to secure prices for the Event.
So first a big thank you to Pendle for a contribution of a Revoslot White Kit to the winning team.
Congratulations to team ( Steve &Moss) Hill’s Bros for their event (Marcos Rocket fuelled )victory 733laps completed earning then the top flight of the podium and the champagne.

Second place was the Wirral aces of Team Pot Luck (Kev and Peter ) 714laps PorscheG1

Third place went to to team WSR (Paul T and John ) with 682 laps driving the Porsche Group 2 to good effect . Porsche G2

Fourth place went to LOS TOROS the Anglo Spanish team (Paul C and Luis ) with a terrific team effort at the last heat to drag them one place up the standings. ( still working on Luis to teach me to curse in Spanish ) 669 laps .Merc G1

Fifth place went to the Beatle loving pair ( Pete C and Michael B ) Day Trippers. So close in the battle for fourth. 668 Laps. Merc G1

Sixth place on 659 laps went to Richills (Steve H and Michael R ) this pair worked well and Michael having the drive of his life. Marcos ( Steve Hills has a dealership with Marcos)

Seventh place on 624 laps went to the Liverpool Lads Two Scousers ( Ted and Phil) who struggled with the nature of the track BUT expect them to be right back in it at the Hawthornes. Merc G1

Final place on 611 laps went to P&G Tips after a lack of practice set this team back BUT watch out for them on their home territory next week. Porsche G2

A big thank you to Paul Taylor for the excellent cake making skills as well as software challenges for the race results. You set the bar high on both accounts.
Thanks to all racers for the spirit shown and great banter.

So to update all on the points as some teams will not go on to the Hawthorne leg.

POT LUCK 20points
WSR. 15 points
LOS TOROS. 12 points
PG TIPPS 3 points
Food Dishware Tableware Cake Plate

Smile Social group Cool Eyewear Fun

Smile Beer Automotive design Event Stage equipment

Automotive tire Automotive design Engineering Circle Event

Wheel Land vehicle Tire Car Vehicle

So here was the end of part one of the event. I will endeavour to write the second part of the event tomorrow. Just to keep you in suspense.

oh and not forgetting the important CAKE which was obligatory for the hist Club to produce.!!!!!

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PART 2 The final Revoslot Endurance Challenge ..”battle of the Merseysider” or Who can eat the most cake?

The final outcomes of the race and the Battle of the Merseysiders BOM .

Most important part of the event was and is, the social aspect were members of both clubs had a chance to mingle and chat ( not forgetting the cake eating part too ) .
Everyone appeared to enjoy the evening although with all events there are a few learning points for the organisers ( me in particular here) where improvements for next year can be applied. I appreciate some teams had car problems and some had 🚀 rockets to contain, my own opinion is I enjoyed the 15 min endurance team configuration and I obviously have a liking for the Revoslot cars, which do just get quicker with the more running you give them.
So the race itself was as follows .

Two Scousers … Senior Service … oops sorry Ted Ted Martin and Phil Finish 1 Trophy Winners .🏎🏎

Los Toros. Finish 2 Paul Cooper and Luis Eduardo Pez
Day Trippers them Beatle loving pair. Finish 3 Pete Crane and Mike Broadbent.
Guys gorillas ( sorry for the name! just remember select a name yourself or the admin will appoint one in your honour ) finish 4 Mike Guy and Phil Clayton
Pot Luck finish 5 Peter Wright and Kev Lea
TRUSPEED finish 6 ( note a long pit stop reducing their pace and lap accumulation. Steve Hills and again Kev Lea.
WSR finish 7 Learning a new track which brought difficulties “possible sat nav malfunction”. You were dam quick on the south side of the Mersey. Paul Taylor and John Dodds.
PG TIPPS finish 8 Again, car issues spoilt their race ..commiserations ..rebuild for next year . Paul Minnis and Geoff Taylor
So we’ll done to the Ted and Phil combo the winning margin was just over half a lap.. seems you got Los Toros on the green lane pace . Dam you 👍

So on to the BOM Championship where only the teams completing on both tracks could score ..
Final Points
Pot Luck 29
Los Toros 27
2Scousers 26
Day Trippers 21 better total laps
WSR 21
PG Tips 6

Where teams scored equal points the total amounts of laps then became the deciding factor.
So a big cheer for Peter and Kev on their victory .
The interesting aspect was the strengths of teams on their home tracks along with their ability to find the pace on the away track which became the key to performance and hence Points.

Overall the event was a success in achieving a great event along with exciting races.The Main Objective was to deliver a social interaction between clubs and a opportunity for members to experience a different track and the two do present challenges. Not forgetting to have FUN along with competition.

A BIG THANK YOU to Steve Hill of TRUSPEED for the event prizes of metal car carrying cases for the first and second teams.
Paul Taylor of WSR for. 3D chassis vouchers for all podium finishers. ( for those who have not tried one of Paul’s chassis you should give it a go .. I like scaly touring cars up grades the best.

To Nick from PENDLE for the donation of a white kit . Revoslot.
To my company for the purchase of the Merseyside Shield which will display the annual winners for the next 7 years.
Pete Wright for his admin help and support , Paul Taylor for IT support along with Mike Guy and Phil Clayton for the results and data. Pete Crane and Ted Edwards for supplies and track cleaning. All the teams who participated.

So we have the making of an Annual Event with all wanting to take the prize for next year.

Vehicle Boat Motor vehicle Watercraft Infrastructure

Jeans Chair Crowd Engineering Event

Wood Natural material Cuisine Dish Metal
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