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QUOTE Q. What is a Marshal?

A. Someone who is interested in Motorsport and who wants to be involved in the sport without necessarily competing.

Me and my dad have been marshalling at our local circuit of Oulton Park for a year now. I work around the assembly and pit lane, while my dad goes 'track side' in arguably the best seats in the place.
Marshal numbers have dropped over the last couple of years but are on a rise once again, after some meetings at certain venues had to be cancelled because of the lack of marshals.
If it sounds like your thing, have a look at the site MARSHAL'S WEBSITE and email/PM me any questions!

Put your bit back into Motor Sport today, join the Orange Brigade!


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I'm signing up for definate!

I always want to get close to the cars (or bikes), especially if it's for free and I'm helping!

I'll have to sign up soon (after exams end).

What tracks are near me though? I think Silverstone is the closest track to me, but its about 45 mins to an hour away from me...

Oh well, will speak to you later James.

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