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Hi Turismo,

I can only echo what Mecoprop has stated. Beardog's work is simply amazing -- state of the art technology, coupled with scale modelling. The McLaren M16D that I have is without any doubt the best 1/32nd scale model racing car I have ever bought.

Chris Wright -- who happens to be a member of this forum -- has put an awful lot of thought and R&D into the design and concept of the cars that he produces. The chassis are very well conceived and the laser-cut spring-steel, with silver-soldered joints, is practically unbreakable. The suspension radius arms have been cleverly incorporated into the chassis and the motor mount allows for a number of different types of motors to be used. BWA wheels finish off this high-class product very nicely.

Take a look at the Beardog Racing web-site. Lots of open-wheel cars on the way!

Howmet, the '60s F1 chassis and components are available separately.

Spring steel chassis (chassis only - assembled) soldered $45.00
BWA/BEARDOG micro motor, with pinion & silicone wires $6.00
Sonic crown gear $7.00
Axles, hollow rear, carbon front $6.00
Bearings $2.00
BWA wheels $14.00
Tyres $12.00
Guide $6.00
Driver, seat and dash $9.00

For ordering details, e-mail Christopher Wright at [email protected]

Kind regards,


PS: Chris, when will the F1 Eagle-Weslake be ready, please?
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