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Beautiful Jaguar E Types, by Jouef

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Jouef's 1/40 scale E Types were perhaps the most beautiful cars they ever made.
The top down versions were sold between 1963 & 1969.
The hardtop version was sold between 1964 & 1971.
The light green & light blue cars pictured are very early examples with the oscillating motor fitted.
Some very rare liveries in this picture.
I`m really proud of them.

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10 years ago Kev, I didn't even know all these liveries existed!

Very nice collection there Kev, and I agree with you that the E Type was probably the nicest car Jouef made.

Do you have the same in Mercedes?


PS: and for the bonus question, do you know that the Americans called this model the XKE?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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