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It's movie time again! Earlier I did a few posts where the movies where taken with the help off a little Canon Ixus camera on the back off a Porsche 908/3.
A friend of my visit my track and he is the owner of a Fly camera truck (1st edition).
You have to select a channel on your TV and you need a proper antenna.
We where not able tot put the antenna central above the track so in a few corners there is some interference in the movie but it's still nice to watch.
Thanks to Mark for using his camera truck and thanks to Bart converting the VHS tape to a digital format. The truck is behind the new Pace Car from fly and the lights are GREAT!

It's was a fun day to play with this camera car and we will make more movies! The quality of the Ixus movies are better, but there you have the limitations off the duration of the movie. With the truck you put a 3 hour tape in your recorder and race. Watch out you need to charge the battery off the truck for a least 3 hours and then you can us it about 30 minutes.

You find the movie (2 mb wmv) at:

Gerard van Dongen
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