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If you watched the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend, you were surely not disappointed.

It was a great race for many reasons:

- It was not a parade.

- Schumacher didn't win.

- Lots of action and overtaking.

- Eau Rouge

And finally...

- Kimi won!

I was sitting at Pouhon, right in front of a big screen, so I saw all that you guys watched, plus saw them all wizz by, which is great, because when I went to Silverstone, I couldn't see a screen, so it became pretty tedious.

The weekend kicked off with a couple of smashes at Eau Rouge, Zonta hitting the wall by the Sports car pit exit, and Bruni loosing the back end over the crest at the top of the hill. Also, a Jordon stuffed it into the barrier somewhere.

On Saturday, it lashed down so the first practise session was cancelled, and the second one cut short. So after the 15 minutes (which was cut short by another accident in the wet...) Schumie was fastest by a considerable margin... bugger.

Qualifying started on time, but the track was drying so presumably everyone was getting faster. Webber seemed to hold P1 for quite a while with a time about a second faster than everyone else, until the Renaults came out. They both flew round the track and set the two fastest times, Trulli pipping Alonso by a fraction.

Then it started to rain again. Coultard was in the middle of his lap, which looked set to beat Trulli's time, but tailed off, as did Montoya's afterwards. Kimi, Rubens and Micheal were up next. The Red cars placed typically near the front, but Kimi made tenth place after a lockup at the bus stop chicane.

Sunday morning arrived and after watching the tedious 911 race, and fun Mini Cooper race, they lined up on the grid.

The Renaults stormed off into P1 and 2, and Schumie got taken by Coultard who started a row behind him. Into La Source, it was Trulli, Alonso, Coultard, Schumie and Kimi (up from 10th). These 5 got away easily and flew up and through Eau Rouge, but the rest of the field got bunched up and Webber lost his front wing. As everyone hurtled up the hill Webber understeered all over the place and took out Jenson's front wing, got Rubens' back right tyre, took out Sato and Bruni completely and stopped. Everyone else managed to sneak through except Pantano who seemed to trundle forward into Bruni's car and broke the front suspension.

The field was now down to 16 and the safety car was called out, while Rubens and Jenson crawled back to the pits. Jensons wing was replaced quickly but Rubens had to wait for over a minute as his back suspension was checked.

After the safety car came in, Kimi got the better of Shumie and took him on the outside of La Source and was away. He tracked down Coultard and took him easily, and began to reel in the Renaults.

Kimi continued to close the gap until Trulli came into the pits, leaving Alonso up front. But the next lap, Alonso dropped some oil onto his back tyres which put him on the grass at Les Combes and onto the gravel at the next corner. He was out of the race and Kimi was leading, MS second.

As soon as Kimi pitted, Schumie set the fastest lap of the race, and it seemed to all be over, but after the pit stops Kimi was still leading. As he did for the rest of the race.

There were two more safety cars, eliminating Kimi's lead and allowing Schumie to close in, but he couldn't keep the pace of the McLaren.

The other black and silver car had possibly the race from hell, the race from hell, but finished 7th, partly due to the high attrition rate. Jenson had a massive blow out coming into Les Combes and took out Baumgartner in the process, whilst running around 3rd place. Montoya lost all power on the same stretch of road, as did Pizzonia up the hill whilst running 3rd. Zonta also suffered the same fate whilst running an impressive 4th. Coultard had a puncture whilst in 4th and then hit the back of Klien whilst challenging for 6th. Trulli seemed to forget how to race and ended 9th and last of the classified runners, purely because the safety car stopped the others running away from him.

Overall it was a brilliant race, and the atmosphere was electric at the end of the race in the final dying minutes. The best moment of the weekend was Kimi setting the fastest lap one lap from home, and Schumie falling back 3.5 seconds in two laps... classic.

Hope you enjoyed this account, which is probably longer than it should be, but I'm pretty bored at the moment, and if you're still reading this, you must have been too.


PS. The whole point of the post was to show that F1 is still great exciting, has overtaking, and the same guy doesn't win every time.

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I would love to know how these students can afford it !

Mclaren - you not being doing "favours" for cash again have you ???

Only kidding

, nice report - it was a good result - looking forward to my next
pay cheque
, time for a couple of Spirit ferraris me feels

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Well it was a nice present for passing my exams and getting into Uni... but there were further circumstances that I can't be bothered to go into.

Performance related pay, eh? Awesome... I'm looking forward to it.

I had to hide amonst the black and silver merchandise to get past immagration...


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I am very envious! Spa was a great race and a much needed boost for what has become a rather less than inspring sport of late. To be there soaking up the atmosphere must have been great.

Montaya's move on Schuey was fabulous to see and I have yelled out at the telly like that in front of F1 for quite some time. I am not too convinced about the new bus stop though as I liked the old version.

I drove the circuit earlier this year and it is amazing (yes, I did lift at Eau Rouge before anyone asks!). I cannot wait to go back.


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McLaren, nice little write-up!
Spa is one of my all-time favourite circuits (but one I will probably never visit in person
), and it is a major inspiration in the design of my (hopefully) soon-to-be routed track. If it was up to me, street circuits and modern "sanitized and boring" circuits would be off the calendar - true "road courses" rock!

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Agree with Fergy, nice write up Mclaren, was indeed a good race, spoilt only by poor old Jenson's misfortune.

Look forward to seeing pics of your track Fergy, any track based on Spa will automatically become one of my favorites.



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I was there

It was my first time at Spa and what a superb track, probably the best in the world.
You just do not appreciate the elevation changes in pictures or on the TV, the run up the hill after Eau Rouge is unbelievably steep, standing at the bottom it looks like a wall standing in front of you!
If ever you get the chance, go, you will not be dissapointed, oh, apart from the weather!!! and the Dutch drunks!

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It would be nice if Sony could include Spa into the forthcoming GT4 game. Although of course you wouldn't appreciate the sharp gradients, but a good circuit to race round though.


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Went there in the late eighties - forget the actual year but Mansell won.

For the first time ever the sun shone the whole weekend, not a single drop of rain.

I have never dared push my luck by going again!

That large tarmac area on the left of Eau Rouge was a gravel trap then and to see the turbo cars taking it (almost!) flat just took my breath away.

There is nothing wrong with F1 that 10 more tracks as good as Spa and 1000bhp wouldn't cure.


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Help please!!

If Spa is on the 2005 F1 schedule,my friend "Noisy Muse" and myself would like to attend.
I was wondering about hotels to stay,and where are the "good seats"? Being able to see a monitor sounds like a good spot to few,but just need some tips.
We would be coming from the USA,any slot clubs in the area to visit?


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Depends on how much you want to spend.

Obviously Eau Rouge is the place to be, if you can get into any of the Gold Stands where you can see a screen. These are the best, but are not cheap.

Second choice would be in Silver 5 at Les Combes, 'cos you can see for miles, and have a screen.

Third is where we sat, at Pouhon (Silver 6), right opposite a screen and with quite a bit of track to see.

Forth would be simply get a day pass so that you can wander around, because there are plenty of great spots to stand (or sit if you bring a chair) and this is by far the cheaper option.

We stayed in a hotel in Holland because when we booked all the hotels in Belgium were booked (You think I'm joking?).

Dunno about Belgium clubs...

Any more questions?


PS. Oh and wear a McLaren hat... they love it.

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We stayed at a camp site 8kms from the circuit.
The campsite does have static mobile homes for rent and next time I go I would rent one of these, to save taking all the camping stuff.
It's ok to set it all up when you have a full week at Le Mans, but hardly worth it for the three days of a GP.
Make sure you are not near the bar and restaurant as the Dutch can get a little noisy

Spa D'Or Camping

· Beppe Giannini
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Hi Iceman,

re slot clubs in Belgium : not much is known here, but the place must be teeming with them !

After all, one hears of the Brussels 24h , IMCA (for what it's worth) is based there, and

you have the Eupen 24h Davic race on a beautiful replica of the Spa track


PS - was there too ('69) - remember a rich fat kid buying a drive in our GTA - the stupid thing lost it at Eau Rouge, when it was much narrower - and wasn't even hurt !
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