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Hi the Chinese are very serious about slot cars ! You may remember they visited my museum a few months ago. Well they had such a good time they came back.The 1st picture shows them looking at some vintage cars. They really enjoyed that. The 2nd picture shows them with their favorites( a Alychon Alfa from Italy made in 1952 & LR Salmson from France made around 1937). The 3rd photo shows them racing,they really enjoyed that. Now the trouble starts. Here in the 4th picture you see the winner holding the trophy,but look how upset the loser was. If i had known at the time i might have prevented the violence that befell us. The 5th picture shows the loser of the slot car race assaulting the winner ! Before i could put my camera down it was over.In the 6th picture you see the result of unbridled enthusiasm. The winner won the race but lost the fight. It was very embarrassing for me. Normally things like this dont happen at the slot car museum. Why cant we all just get along ? An embarrassed Bernard
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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