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Best 1/32 Slot Car Bodies

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I'm looking for 1/32 slot car bodies accurately scaled, finely detailed and lightweight that I can marry with magracing chassis to use with magnetically guided cars on my outdoor track. The standard chassis has a wheelbase of 3.0", (76mm) equivalent to 96" at 1:1, which can be easily shortened 0.125" (4" at 1:1) and easily lengthened as needed.

The standard chassis has a 2.0" front track, when measured from the center of one wheel to the center of the other wheel on the front axle. The 2.0" is equivalent to 64.0" at 1:1. This can be easily reduced up to 0.125" (4") by reducing the width of the front wheels. Reducing the front track more than that or increasing it at all is very difficult.

The rear track is slightly less than 2", near 62" at 1:1. Decreasing the track to 58" or increasing it to 64" is easy. More than that would be difficult.

I prefer Can-Am style cars but other good looking cars built prior to 2000 would be okay. What brands would you recommend based on accuracy of scale, quality, detail, and weight under 20 grams? Could you recommend a particular year and model of race car?

Any recommendations or tips on how to find bodies meeting my criteria would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts McLaren M8D or Chapparal 2E white body kit

Beautiful cars. About the right size based on research I just did online. Thanks Tony. I'll start searching for those.
Anyone have other suggestions?
Not a lot of other choices for Can Am that I know of unless you go for a resin body

Revell/Monogram has 1/32 model scale kits and there were some slot car bodies available - a Daytona Cobra and Mustang are two I know of.

MRRC sells the bodies only Corvette, Ferrari 275, 287 Cobra maybe a Cheetah you may also find a Chaparral 2C and 2F body only kit

You can also find some nice 1/32 model kits from Japan.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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