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Have to agree with Dickie in terms of all cars are good although some will take more work to get them up to a smooth running standard.

For out of the box smoothness, out of the major manafacturiers, I have to say Scalextric is currently the standard bearer closely followed by Ninco, Carrera (new chassis), SCX and then Fly. Fly can be hit or miss with some really smooth runners and some others that take alot of work. Other manafacturers like Monogram, Slot-it produce very good of of the box runners and others like Pink Kar, Reprotec, MRRC need a bt more work. Note this is all based on my own experience and might not reflect others opinions.

If you don't mind a bit of effort and do some tinkeirng then you'll be able to get any car smooth. To the majority of us tinkering is an important part of the hobby.

Finally I'd advsie you to get the cars running smooth w/o magnets in (magents hide a myraid of poor design faults) and then when they are smooth add the magnet back in (if you wish) and watch them go. Also you will notice an even bigger diff in some manafacturers smoothness when you whip out the magnets.

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