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'Best', but best at what? That is the problem.
Best to race or best to admire without racing?
The problem with 'best detail/looks' is that it's probably least practical for racing and the prime purpose of slot cars is to race - no point in buying motors and transmissions to simply gather dust on a shelf or to skulk in a box!

Here is another angle.
Whether you buy the fastest in a straight line, the best handling, the best detail, the quietest, the strongest or whatever other 'best', then your next problem is likely to be whether you can find people with similar cars to race against or whether you can temporarily provide your friends with similar cars if they don't have anything comparable. The pleasure of having the 'best' very soon fades if you find you have no one to compete with.

In this very important way, 'best' could be considered as 'most nearly comparable with what I or my friends already have'. That is, unless you just want to collect shelf queens, in which case, just buy the prettiest cars you can find and you will then find much better value in die casts.
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