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Best hardware to run Magic Arc Pro?

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whats the best android tablet to run the above please?

we have been using a tesco Hudl 2 on the old version but now the new 1.5 version does not load properly and crashes as soon as it loads.

have tried reinstalling many times and even factory reset it several times without success.

we were very pleased with the magic arc pro for our charity races as it does all we need.

we are looking at a amazon fire 7 (2017) model 16Gb to run it on.

thanks very much, Dave
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on which device does it crash?? (tesco Hudl 2 ??)

which version of Android does it have?


Ok, I found it.. and I found your crashes on Google Play Console.

Would you like to help me to found the issue?

You are using Android 5.1. and there's something that I added (probabliy in the initial permission request which isn't done properly).

Anyway, don't buy anithing else.. it will work again :)

Apologise for the issue!
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Wow, that was quick!

we will hold off buying anything and await an update for our Hudl2.

thanks again and peace be to you and yours, Dave
Android released.. wait few hours, and let me know if it works! (it should)
The update is available. Please, let me know if it works as expected :)
hi, the now runs on our Hudl2 thanks.

we can now print from the show statistics page at the end of the race for one individual racer but nothing happens when we use the print pdf button for all the racers.

we would still like to print out all the racers at once results.

we have submitted the program log to you.

thanks very much, Dave
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