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Hi all

Does anyone have views on the Fly Williams or Lotus?

And, are there any other up-to-date models which celebrate the cars of 75-85?

And, I wonder if everyone's favourite cars come from the era when the person in question was between the age of 6 and 16?

I also wonder if that question will make sense to anyone!?

David H
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Fly's Williams and Lotus are nice looking models. The Williams' performance is OK with no glaring issues, although it has an unusual transmission set-up that will probably make any modification difficult to get parts for. Its guide and wires have very little room to move inside the car's nose, so very tight corners tend to bind the mechanism up a little, which causes a lot of friction between guide and rails.

I have only driven my Lotus for a few minutes so don't have much experience, but without magnet it goes, corners and stops reasonably competently, certainly much better than any Scalextric car does without its magnet.

I'm not sure whether you want just up-to-date 75-85 F1 cars, or every genre of racing car, so here's a list of 75-85 cars I can think of, with approximate years. These are all manufactured to modern standards. I'm sure there are a lot more.

Formula One
Ferrari 312T2 - Scalextric
McLaren M23 - Scalextric
Tyrrell P34 - Altaya Coches Miticos (SCX)
March 761 - Fly
March 761B - Fly
Lotus 78 - Fly
Williams FW07 - Fly

Saloons / GTs / Rally
Ford Capri RS3100 - Carrera
Holden L34 Torana - Scalextric
Plymouth AAR Cuda - SCX
Ford Gran Torino - Scalextric
BMW 3.5 CSL - Fly
Greenwood Corvette - Revell
Ford Escort mk2 - SCX
Porsche 911/934 - Ninco / Fly
Porsche 936 - Spirit
Lancia Stratos HF - Altaya Coches Miticos (SCX)
VW Golf mk1 - Spirit
Porsche 935/78 - Carrera
Chevrolet Monza (DeKon) - Carrera
Ferrari 512BB LM - Carrera
De Tomaso Pantera - Carrera
BMW M1 - Fly
Ford Capri RS Turbo - Fly
Talbot Sunbeam Lotus - SCX
Porsche 935K3 - Fly
Lancia Beta Montecarlo - Fly
Seat 850 - SCX
Seat 131 Abarth - SCX
Porsche 936/81 - Spirit
Opel Ascona 400 - Revell
Porsche 956C -
BMW 635 CSi - Spirit
Lancia LC2/84 -
Renault 5 Turbo - Fly
March 83G - Revell
Audi Sport Quattro S1 - Revell

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Concerning the Flyslot Williams, while they can be made to run very quickly without the traction magnet, there are a few issues worth addressing. Primarily, the gears on the secondary shaft that transmits power from the motor to the odd spur gear on the rear axle can come loose on the shaft they both sit on. If one plans on racing the Williams, take the time to glue the gears onto the secondary shaft. Also, check to make sure the motor's pinion is on tight as it may come loose. Also, I use plasticene as ballast, and put some in the sidepods to tame the car down.

The Lotus has a more conventional transmission, though my example had the pinion come loose. It is more difficult to find a place for ballast in this car. I find it needs weight up front. Also, a drop of hot glue on each A-arm fixing the front suspension to the chassis is a big help in terms of stabilizing the front end.
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