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yah i understand we all will have different preferances


but just a fun post i hope.

with my limited knowledge

all i can say is about one for each slot lol

me being new and all

check it out lol


1- Renault F1 scalextric stalk

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On our club's 15 volt, 1.2 amp per lane power supply, the Scaleauto SC05 has, so far, proven impossible to beat for out and out speed and power. Definitely superior to motors - on OUR particular track and PSU. However, durability may well be a different matter - I have no stats on longer races than 10 minutes or over how many races this motor will continue to perform reliably. Those factors could well outweigh out and out speed and power.

The performance of all motors varies with both amps and volts available to them and, where some may excel with certain combinations of available power supply, they may well be beaten in other situations. Inferior power availability can turn a fast motor into a pathetic wimp and allow a theoretically inferior motor to outclass it.

I would just add that even having a faster, more powerful motor is not necessarily a recipe for success. Different motors perform differently with different gearing, perform better or worse on different tracks, depending on lengths and numbers of straights, proportion of curves etc, magnetic drag will be handled to very varying degrees by some motors etc, different controllers may well be required and motors such as the SCO5 in particular are vicious, nasty brutes, requiring a very different style of driving from, say, a standard, smooth, Scalextric motor. No matter how fast a car or motor may be, if you can't drive it smoothly and consistently, then you will not win races with it.

There are very many variables in producing a race winning car and there is definitely no single overall answer with regard to motors.

Best bet is to follow tips for getting the best out of absolutely standard cars and then gradually experiment and read as much as possible with regard to potential improvements AFTER having developed both existing cars and personal skills as far as you can, before jumping into the deeper unknown.

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1 sc07 35k
2 v12 29k
3 other scaleauto mabuch 28k

1 nc2 siz scaleauto 360g/cm
2 nc6 325c/cm
3 dunno

all around
1 sco7
2 v12
3 nc2 scaleauto

k hope this helps, but i diident get a good drive with the nc2 scaleauto
mabuchis will give more revs but nc2s will give more speed or u could go with the fastest motor ever(bar 16d g12 m,otors strap motors, all 1/24 carp) is the cheetah (46k) havent tried one tho

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QUOTE (Tropi @ 28 Aug 2004, 12:54)On our club's 15 volt, 1.2 amp per lane power supply, the Scaleauto SC05 has, so far, proven impossible to beat for out and out speed and power. Definitely superior to motors - on OUR particular track and PSU.
You see on my club track the Scaleauto SC05 motor kept tripping the power
protection circuits - best on there is a 29k, Oz racing , Proslot & NC-7(??)

Its really down to the track and PSU - mainly the PSU !

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I have a spread-sheet of most motors and what their torque (g/cm), Rpm, orientation, size, common name, manf are...

There are *some* gaps in some motor classes that i do not have answers to, and there may be *some* correction required if I made mistakes.
Would you like me to email it to you?

The deal is, you try to fill in any blanks and correct any mistakes I've made, and update me...

Sound fair? Here's an example of the data:
CODEManf Model AKA rpm size torq Orientation
ProSlot PS3000 Evo1 18500 Mabuchi S 40g/cm ?
ProSlot PS3001 Evo2 21500 Mabuchi S 80g/cm ?
ProSlot PS3002 Evo3 26000 Mabuchi S 100g/cm ?

OK so I didn't include weight (big mistake in hindsight)...

I need email addreses to send it...

PS: For those who would rubish this research and say it's pointless... How many people know that the scaleauto SC04 is an NC2 clone (in both size and weight etc, but has a 29k RPM and a MASSIVE 360g/cm torque (NC2 is 18.1k RPM and 260g/cm Torque). Even the NC3 falls behind these monsterous figures with 21.1k RPM, and 326g/cm!

However, how much will this help? For a new starter? Sh1t-loads... For an old-hat, not much really as they are normally set in their ways (LOL) but you'll find they'll want to see it to verify what they *think* they already know (few old-pro's know the torque of these motors and thus sometimes use completely wrong gearing - However they can useually 'feel' if the motor is geared right anyway so they don't care what the torque/RPM/Weight diferential is...)...

My advise... TEST TEST TEST!!!! There really isn't a short-cut to this... Took me coming up to 2 bloody years and hundreds of hours researching to get into the top 8 (in some events 3rd place) at my local club!

Are you new to racing?
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