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Tom Brown (Scorpus Flex)
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Hi mark

If everything goes to plan I will be running the tscc rally next week to allow paul extra time to run the events on the main track. I can tell you now the properties you need in the cars are much different from track racing, but unlike track racing there are so many types of cars that are competitive.

The main thing to look at is what cars you like, as most cars from modern, 2000's 90's and 80's can be made to run well. I use an MSC rs200 and so does lee, paul and a few other use avant slot scoobys and evos. changing tyres is allowed and a pair of nsr supergrips or f22's will give you all the grip you need.

If I can make 1 suggestion it would be to stay clear of brands that dont make dedicated rally cars. Fly and Scalextric cars bottom out a lot. The nsr cars might be made with a driver and navigator but have next to no ground clearance, so are disallowed. Ninco, SCX, avant slot, MSC are all good choices. Shorter cars handle the tight bends better than longer cars but can tip quicker.

Before splashing any cash you can always have a go of a few and see what you like. I will have some msc and scx with me, and im sure others will let you try their cars too.

hope this helps

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