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Best slot cars (not timed!)

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I'll start by saying that I have Sport track, always remove 'traction' magnets, and don't time my laps!

I just got a Scalextric Audi R8, and I must say it's brilliant. Out of the 150 plus slot cars I've owned, I'd vote for this as the best handling of them all - not the fastest, or the one that sticks to the track best, but definitely the most fun to drive - it looks amazing, the mabuchi motor is just about perfect, and (a bit subjective this) it has what seems to me to be a very realistic handling style - it really looks like the real car on track.

Others I've owned that I'd say run the Audi pretty close (for similar reasons):

Fly Porsche 934
Fly Renault 5
Ninco Lamborghini Gallardo
SCX Ferrari FXX#
Slot-it Lancia LC2

Which of the cars you've owned would you give this accolade to? Which cars should I be looking out for to add to my collection of great looking, great handling cars?
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I really enjoy non-magnet running with SCX rally, Sloter Ferrari 312PBs and a good MMK classic sports car. Rear-engined Fly and AutoArt Porsche 911s are also pure pleasure with mags out.

Also love running box standard Slot.It Group C cars on Scalextric Sport, against the clock, as they have so much power that the challenge is to keep it smooth and not give in to temptation to go sideways and mash the throttle.

I can waste days doing that.
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