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Best slot cars (not timed!)

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I'll start by saying that I have Sport track, always remove 'traction' magnets, and don't time my laps!

I just got a Scalextric Audi R8, and I must say it's brilliant. Out of the 150 plus slot cars I've owned, I'd vote for this as the best handling of them all - not the fastest, or the one that sticks to the track best, but definitely the most fun to drive - it looks amazing, the mabuchi motor is just about perfect, and (a bit subjective this) it has what seems to me to be a very realistic handling style - it really looks like the real car on track.

Others I've owned that I'd say run the Audi pretty close (for similar reasons):

Fly Porsche 934
Fly Renault 5
Ninco Lamborghini Gallardo
SCX Ferrari FXX#
Slot-it Lancia LC2

Which of the cars you've owned would you give this accolade to? Which cars should I be looking out for to add to my collection of great looking, great handling cars?
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Try some vintage 1960s single seater Scaley cars with the Powersledge motors in. Europa Vee, Panther, Lotus Indianapolis, Scalextric Teamcar Ferrari V8 , Matra MS11 F1.
Not the quickest, but very stable. Put a new set of Ortmanns on the back & they go fab-you will be pleasantly suprised.

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Hi Hunt.
First off. Make sure the car is complete & working because you don`t want to be looking around for spares.
The Matra , Lotus, Scalextric Teamcar & Ferrari are quite rare now so good examples can set you back a bit.
You are best going for the Europa Vee or Panther. If you`re going to Gaydon there`ll be a few for sale .
Early cars had no rear wings fitted, later ones did.
Motors are generally reliable.
The motor has a commutator fitted. You will see two fine lines in it. Clean these out with a pin & clean the commutator with either Meths or lighter fluid.You will see a round felt pad at the front of the motor, lightly oil this. Lightly oil gears ect. as you would on a normal car. Always change the rear tyres as a matter of course(RSSlotracing).The motor is an open frame type & you can change the motor magnet to a neodidium version(ebay). Gives faster performance, but it`s something I`ve never bothered doing.If the motor is running too slow it normally just needs zapping off a model railway specialist(couple of quid fix). The commutator has a pair of carbon brushes either side of it. These normally last a lifetime, but if they need changing Slotcar Restorations sell them.

An early Panther;

A winged version of the Europa Vee;

Panther from above. Ensure all trimmings are there, especially the exhaust & suspension detailing which is all too often broke. You can see that this car has no slots for a rear wing. Check that every wingless car has no such slots as replacements are getting pricey!
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Nee botha man!
No such thing as a wasted day when you`re playing slots Driver!
Sorry MrM...I haven`t took my tablets today!
(..still a good car on the track though!)

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