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What type of wheels are you running plastic or alloy, are you able to glue tyres on, are you able to do wheels changes during the race!

We run a couple of 6 hour enduros each year at our club and usually require four compulsory pit stop for wheel changes. This is either a change of wheels from side to side or changing to another set of tyres. This emulates real racing and adds team work and tactics into the mix.

We have recently run an NSR Porsche 997 enduro where the each team had one set of air system rims and one set of non air system rims (huge difference in lap times with the air systems being far superior).

We usually run NSR tyres and run on a ferro painted timber track, you do see some tyre gaining and some marbles starting to appear towards the end of the race which mimics real racing.

Hope this help

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