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Too many variables. Are you taking club racing or just having some fun at home? Its a very rare situation that a club will allow silicones with rubber onto the same track. The two are not compatible. I use shore 40 and 25 urethane tyres. Amazingly the 25 wears at the same rate or better than the 40 on the tracks I race on. They slide about less so they dont wear any faster than the 40s. The softer 25s can be worth up to 0.5s on some tracks. I race on a fairly abrasive surface and I get about 4 hours out of a set of tyres. You can get pit stops down to a fine art. Two rims changed in less than 15 seconds. About two laps lost. Do the maths, assume 0.1 seconds slower over 4 hours using harder compounds is equal to 2400 laps (based on 6 second laps) over 4 hours. At 0.1 seconds thats equal to 240 seconds advantage. If it takes longer than 4 minutes to change your tyres then there is no advantage.

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