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Hi there Mr Mod

My sum total of 1/32 endurance racing has been done with the P4 on Ninco track - but it may answer some questions. What I'm writing is from 12 and 24 hour races (several of).

The tyre will change in 'feel' over the duration. Ultimate grip you get from a fresh pair in the first hour will drop off, but after that it'll stay about the same. It'll just feels different. You'll take over the car from somebody and be like "what the hell is this" for about 20 laps, but after that your laptimes will settle down and you'll be doing what you did before. You just have to adjust.

They physically wear out. From races I've started with a brand new set, you can get 10 + hours out of them before they wear through (inline motor car). I did a 12 hour on one set of tyres, and it had small holes in at the end. But still, one set. We won.

Factors that affect the wear rate will be the abrasiveness of the track, your final drive gear ratio, motor RPM and general hooliganism. If you run a sidewinder car, expect the gear to foul the track before the tyre gives out. 4-6 hours maybe in the same circumstances.

Pitting vs. changing tyres - stay on the track. Put the times in & don't come off. Maybe now with the super-soft tyres this might be different, but given the choice I'd always drive around it so I can put the laps in. As a rule of thumb, the stopwatch never lies. If your times are okay then it isn't worth stopping. It's hardly ever worth stopping. For tyres or anything else.

Finally, you mention debris - it is always worth cleaning your tyres if you're loosing seconds after a crash into the dusty bits. If you are organized it takes literally one second to clean them. It saves many. If you've been lapping on the track without coming off, and your tyres fell like they need cleaning, they don't. This is just in your head.
Clean if you've been off the circuit, that's about it.

Silicon tyres don't wear out. The do need cleaning a lot to perform well. But again, takes a second. Urethane, can't help. Sorry!
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