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Better Late Than Never?

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Hi, I've just discovered this site and it brings back lots of memories. I was a slot racer back in the 1960s up until finishing university. Mike Dockery (another name from the past I've come across here) and I were at school together and began in the usual way with Scalextric at a friend's house. In due course we started modifying our cars then building our own, which is when we joined the Aintree club, which at that time occupied the top floor of a Dickensian building near Lime Street Station. We also went to the Chester club in the YMCA cellars quite often and for a while Chester main man Mike Gerraint, Mike and I entered Open Meetings as the Pieces of Eight Racing Association - the Monty Python Parrot sketch has a lot to answer for!

Don't know if I'm likely to re-kindle my involvement after all these years but who knows?

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