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Better Late Than Never?

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Hi, I've just discovered this site and it brings back lots of memories. I was a slot racer back in the 1960s up until finishing university. Mike Dockery (another name from the past I've come across here) and I were at school together and began in the usual way with Scalextric at a friend's house. In due course we started modifying our cars then building our own, which is when we joined the Aintree club, which at that time occupied the top floor of a Dickensian building near Lime Street Station. We also went to the Chester club in the YMCA cellars quite often and for a while Chester main man Mike Gerraint, Mike and I entered Open Meetings as the Pieces of Eight Racing Association - the Monty Python Parrot sketch has a lot to answer for!

Don't know if I'm likely to re-kindle my involvement after all these years but who knows?

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Hi Dave
I sent your book off this morning ,and several old timers who have read my book have found that they have been inspired to retake up the hobby
additionally living in Milton keyens means that you aren,t far from Luton and the old vauxhall club is still running there ,very successfully too as they are current BSCRA team race champions
I think they meet on mondays
yuo,ll probably find contact details under the clubs section on SF or failing that visit the BSCRA website

Cheers tony
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