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Bexhill Scale Slot Car Club

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I have received a number of enquiries recently about the Open Meeting we are holding on 18th/19th June this year. Things have moved fast recently and here is a summary of changes.

1. The club is currently closed.

2. A new club room has been found. It is situated at the High Beech Hotel in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.

3. The original track has been dismantled and is being returned to Brian Saunders, who kindly let us borrow it free of charge.

4. A new track is being built by John Watts at the moment and should be completed by mid-May.

5. It will have four lanes and a lap length of between 80 and 90 feet.

6. Sponsorship of the Open Meeting has completly evaporated in the current economic environment, with two local sponsors having gone into liquidation this month alone. Consequently the big money prizes are no longer possible.

7. The Open Meeting will go ahead as planned, but entrants will have to provide their own cars.

8. The Open Meeting rules and entry details are on the club's Facebook page (as the club's website is being completely redesigned).

BSSCC on Facebook

9. The new club premises have ample room for pit boxes and therefore restrictions on the number of entrants will be relaxed.

10. The hotel will, if bookings are made in advance, offer a very competitive rate for Bed & Breakfast. Email me for details.

This is the start of very exciting times for the club and we would love to have your support on a track that no-one will have competed on before.

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Good luck with the event guys

I am HO-ing in Worthing this weekend - but I will get over to BSSCC at some stage this year. The new venue is certainly more accessible for public transport.
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