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Big Mistake

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Hey there!

I made a bit of a boo boo today and admitted to my girlfriend how many slot cars I own

It all started when she told me how much she liked a recent pictue of a Fly Viper I sent her. Big mouth went on to tell her I had ten of these (well 14 as of this afternoon
). She was somewhat surprised as she thought I only had about ten cars or so in total. She then had a look at my website and things started to click into place. Then came the quick bit of math at approx. £25 a car and..... well she has been happier.

I hope she doesn't work out how much 22 metres of track and borders cost. Oh and the figures, trees and others bits and pieces.

Now I know of at least one person who sneaks things into the house when his wife is not around and was wondering how everybody else gets around this?


Stupid, stupid, big mouthed slik.
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erm.. I dont quite know how you lot manage to fumble them!

mind you there's always the "I ordered it for Rob" then when they ask oh a new car? it's the old "nah, had that one ages"

It helps to have them in the room while you move them about because then there doesnt seem as many as you can throw them under the desk in draws and under rags etc

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I remember a guy from the club telling me and 3.9 about a trip he went on with his mrs. His Mrs would say go on have it if you like, then she would say "ooh that's a nice ring etc etc and he couldnt argue as he had just bought a load of cars! I just

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