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Hey Cool - I love the space you've jagged - what's that - thirty by 15 feet? BRILLIANT!!

I've been planning a circuit using a double garage where I can build Brands Hatch. While I've designed it in scaley track I actually want to make a "Digital" home circuit using scaly track or routed with magnetic tape for the road course part (for my Le Mans stuff) and routed with a copper tape for the infield rallycross parts (for my son's rally cars). That'd give me the 'feel' of rally cross & strikes me a so sexy I could marry it (as long as my wife let me

It would probably fit nicely in the middle of the loft leaving room for pits & scenery if that's your bag. I can send you a drawing off "tracker" but can't post it as a picture as I've not had any luck finding a suitable host in Australia. (although as an aside if any Aussies have any hints I'd appreciate them..)
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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