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It's been a good week - My cup (actually my mailbox) runneth over! Earlier it was the new MMK cars and yesterday a package arrived from Beardog Racing

containing two chassis, a couple of axle sets and some motors.

The chassis is a beautiful piece of work, laser cut steel, neatly soldered together, light and very strong. As you can see on the web site, the chassis is essentially a box section with an upper and lower part cut as single pieces and held apart by the front and rear axle carriers and the motor mount. The guide tongue is integral with the lower part but is cut, free standing and projects forward from the forward end of the motor compartment. One caveat: the wheelbase is fixed at 3" (96" scale). It is my understanding that the chassis is also available unassembled but, nontheless, altering the WB will involve significant surgery.

I am most excited about the motors. They are tiny: 0.46" high X 0.61" wide X 0.82" long (0.90" over the solder tabs. They come fitted with a nice brass 64DP pinion. This motor should fit just about anything and, in most applications, can be used as a sidewinder. The brush end is fitted with a molded plastic end bell that I am guessing is not a high-temperature material so that mounting will be by the (supplied) cap screws and a drilled mounting plate. (Perhaps Beardog can be persuaded to supply the motor mount as a separate piece to be soldered into custom chassis) The motors measured about 9 ohms across the brushes compared to 15 ohms for a Plafit Rabbit and 20 ohms for a Ninco NC-1 so, allowing for the size, it should be quick - but perhaps also a bit warm!

The front axles are 0.063" carbon fibre fitted with 0.89" OD brass ferrules to provide independently rotating front wheels. The rear axle appears to be a 0.93" drill blank to fit the (supplied) bronze bushings. As a measure of the precision of the chassis, the rear axle turns very smoothly in the bushings. (I always have to get out the 3/32" reamer to clean up my chassis)

I have not bought any of the current complete cars - not my cup of tea - but if the quality of the underpinnings is an example, they should be very nice.

When I think about what we have available today compared to what we worked with in the late 50's and early 60's - wonderful!

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