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· Anthony Bartlett
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A new slot car company called Black Arrow has been set up by Javier Alcaraz. Black Arrow aim to make the best slot products at prices within reach of everybody.

Black Arrow is a Spanish company that has all its R&D and final assembly in Spain. Black Arrow's goal is to offer 1/32 scale model cars of high reproduction quality with top performance on the track.

To achieve that goal, the first order of business was to select the model to be made. A model that would allow the company to incorporate their technology without space limitations, which would have a spectacular appearance and with a great brand behind it. And hence, after extended negotiations, Black Arrow signed an official license agreement with Aston Martin, to produce their prize-winning model DBR9 in 1/32 scale. Black Arrow believe that the model has never been fairly reproduced by other brands, so this is their tribute to this great racing car.

Aesthetically speaking, the body has been designed starting from the original files provided by Aston Martin and adapted in order to make its production viable. Hundreds of hours behind the computer have allowed a really spectacular model without letting down on the dynamic side, as the completed body has a very low weight (+/- 19.50 gr) which can be yet reduced by changing the driver tray and windows for polycarbonate ones (+/- 16.80 gr).

Pre-production body

Pre-Production Chassis

On the mechanical side and because the company is starting from "zero", Black Arrow could freely design each component trying to improve what the market currently offers, and they really believe that they have achieved it.

The following are details of the components incorporated in the first model, the Black Arrow Aston Martin DBR9 1/32 scale:
- Chassis with "IN-FLEX" technology
- Low Friction conical pinion & gear
- 3/32 calibrated axles
- Lightened rear rims made in aluminium (1.05 gr)
- Lightened front rims made in Delrin (0.65 gr)
- APACHE motor: 28.500 RPM & 350 gr*cm @12V
- Titanium Torx head screws
- High grip rear tires
- "Zero" grip front tires
- Oxygen free copper wires made with ultra-flex silicone cover
- Spherical bronze bushings.
- Front & Rear springs for motor bed suspension
- High hardness steel screws (slave screws)
- Delrin washers for front axle wideness regulation

Possible adjustments:
- Body height
- Front axle position & displacement
- Rear suspension displacement
- Rear suspension springs load
- Front & Rear axles wideness

Black Arrow also have some optional parts. At the moment, they can offer (more product to follow):

-Anodized aluminium rims
-55mm G.T. axles (Golden Treatment)
-34Z Gear
-14Z Pinion

All Black Arrow spare parts will be displayed in a transparent box, having a double task: on one hand it will protect the parts during handling & transportation, and on the other hand it will also allow you to have your parts well organized for travelling.

Black Arrow sell ONLY through their website WWW.BLACKARROW.ES, where you will find, as well as their catalogue, news, technical reports, competition calendar, pictures, videos etc. Besides, you will find a section fully dedicated to slot clubs spread along the world, with all the info about them and their geographic location.

In a couple of days the web site will be available in ENGLISH.

Please, contact Black Arrow for any enquiries: [email protected].

SlotForum wishes Black Arrow well with this and future projects. We look forward to testing the models when they are available.

· Tel
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Best of luck in the venture, it looks like a nice car and I may well buy one

However, if you are chasing performance brands, I would have expected an AW setup as standard ?
And if that motor lives up to specs, its going to be a beast, maybe a little too powerful I suspect for wood track racing .

The above isn't a critism, just my line of thinking on viewing the prouct and its goals, I hope to be proved wrong

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thanks matt, that sounds like a good deal with the torque wrenches as well. i think like savage, but they had a blank sheet and i would have thought they would have tested all configurations and settled on the best handling version. john

· Digital Guru
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a brave venture in a fragile world,best of luck because the car looks awesome.
the Aston DB9's are one of my faves.

would be nice to see if there are any lighting options planned for these cars.

· Jon Grainger
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Looks like a really nice car, the shell itself looks superb. Just hope the paint finish is as good. Chassis design looks interesting, with the motor pod flexing, and also the flex points along the sides of the chassis. Look forward to giving one a go!

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This looks promising, The car looks good although I think an odd choice considering a few others have made it before them. The web site looks great and the chassis and spares look top notch. I hope they run as good as they look, prices are reasonable too if the components are high quality.

My only gripe is with the 28k motor, A little too fast for me, no use on a home circuit and well above the 22k limit at my local club. I hope they release a 22k later on

· One petunia in a field of onions
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Definitely a strange time to attempt to break into an already over serviced and possibly diminishing market. But, one can only assume he's done his homework.

Seems to be largely aimed at the continental European market, specifically Italy, where the tendency seems to be large Ninco club tracks.

Good luck with the venture.

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