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News from MB Slot:
After the creation of an 8 lane with the possibility to assemble the OXIGEN system, we have developed our own project for a track to be used in future competitions and above all as a demonstrative track for races with different categories.

Our project is a wooden track (19 mm MDF with surface in black melamine) which we will call "BLACK QUEEN"
The track has been studied to be lengthened or shortened in different directions or to be split to form two single tracks, one with bridge and one without bridge.

From September the first BLACK QUEEN will be installed at AYRTON SENNA SLOT CLUB in Soragna and will be available for all the enthusists of that region.
The club, in cooperation with MB SLOT, will organise races for various cathegories.
MB SLOT project with the beginning of 2013 will be to organise a mini endurance championship around Italy and, possibly, also in other European countries.
This project, which is creeping in, since now plans to split Italy into 4, 5 or 6 zones, each zone during the year will have a BLACK QUEEN track at disposal to organise 3, 4 stages of this championship.
The winners of the single stages will then take part to a final demonstration which could be a 12h or 24h in a building which can contain the 4,5,6 BLACK QUEEN tracks used during the year.

The championship project will be introduced in NOVEGRO, where we hope we can have the room to exhibit the BLACK QUEEN track, which will be the demonstrative system of LODI together with the one of SORAGNA.
Potentially from September 2012 there will be 2 BLACK QUEENs available and a third BLACK QUEEN will be based either in LIGURIA, PIEMONTE or VALLE d'AOSTA.
To cover the whole Italian territory, so that the enthusiasts will not have to travel long distances, we will look for facilities and organizations interested in hosting and managing the events.
The final event will be moved, on turn during the years, to the single zones, possibly in holiday facilities, where to match a FULL SLOT holiday.
We remain at disposal for further information and advice.

Enjoy yourselves
Marco Ballardini

Here are some features of the BLACK QUEEN track:
Number of lanes 6
Distance between lanes 12 cm
Distance between track border and external lanes 18 cm
Development 53 mt in 12x6 mt
Magnet plate 5,5 mm x 1 mm = 5,5 mmq
Screws in stainless steel

Recommended price to the public 7.000€

19 mm MDF boards with a black melaminic side and a raw side- Board manufactoring - A1 metallic zinc plated braid - Glueing of metallic braid on manufactored boards - Necessary boards to join track boards - Screws - Opaque white forex stripes 3 mm x 5 to 8 cm height. Drilling and cutting to prearrange time-keeping system.

Power pack - Time-keeping system - Hand controls - Wiring - Track bearing (board legs)

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