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Hi guys!
As I had commented on another topic, this track I created without knowing if it will work or not ...
Because my last contact with SlotCar was 26 years ago ... (I was 9 years old)

I started with simple ideas, for example, just make the trail with the router and put the copper tape.
Just for test, to know if it would work.
Then my friend came up with new ideas, "... this is rally my friend, makes mountains, trees, different levels of track ..."

So these ideas become that track!

It was a great challenge and I really enjoyed doing it and had fun.

Hope you like it!

First Steps




Making Scenery











Laying Snow

In Brazil, we do not have noch or woodland scenics... If there is certainly will be very expensive ...

So I used sodium bicarbonate and white glue... That worked!



The Black Rock Rally

This is how the track is currently.


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Start Lights

If you played "Network Q RAC Rally Championship 1996", you will observe that the sound " 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... go!" was withdrawn from the game.

By the way, watch the Start Totem, where is GB Flag, the Subaru, Ford, Renault, Proton, VW and Skoda logos are and the Network Q RAC Rally symbols... Did you see the similarity?

Yes, the game inspired me a lot!


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Hi Steveaca,

Thanks for the compliment

I was already making a video, I just needed some final images.
Taking advantage of your request, I finished today!

*Maybe I will change the music... I think youtube is blocking the video in some countries because of the soundtrack. (Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl)

Anyway follows a simple video.


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Hello everyone!
I created a Race Tower to add more competition and increase the details on the track.



This tower has 2 LCDs to display the current race information and show the record information.

LCD 1 shows the race information:
This LCD alternates between screen 1 and screen 2 every 7 seconds.
Screen 1 displays:
- Current Lap
- Last lap time


Screen 2 displays:
- Best lap of the current race
- The difference between the last lap completed in relation to the same lap of the race record.


LCD 2 displays:
- The best lap of the circuit
- The race time in relation to the current lap of the current race.


It also has 4 LEDs for:
- 1 green led: This led lights when you are faster than the same lap when the race record was made;
- 1 red led: This led lights when you are slower than the same lap when the race record was made;
- 2 blue LEDs: These LEDs light up when you hit the best lap of the circuit or when you hit the best race time.


I did not take a photo step by step. But I share here how to make the system.

The arduino source code and system diagram are down.

If someone wants to do this system and needs more details or have some doubts, just ask me!


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Hi Minardi!

Yes, the system already has a countdown ... I had not shown it before ...

Today I made a new video to show how the system works.

I think, this is the last step of building the Black Rock Rally.
I do not intend to spend any more time on this track.

Soon, I plan to start a new project and this time document step by step in more detail.

A example how the system works.
* To reset the record, simply press the button and hold for more than 3 seconds and release. Press again to confirm, if you do not confirm the reset will be canceled.


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That's great, I'm really envious of your programming skills
I've got neither patience or time to learn something like that.

I'm afraid I'll be resorting to DS timing equipment for my track...


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Hi Simon!

I'm learning about slotcars, but the little I read about DS timing equipment is that they are very consistent and accurate. It is certainly worth using them.

I created mine just for the challenge, and I work with software development and this made it easy for me.
( Sorry, I'm learning English, Is correct to say this made it easy for me? It's not arrogant?)

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Not at all
I teach people to drive, I find it easy, as all my working life I have been involved in training.
Also as a former rally co-driver, my students do not scare me as many people think it would.

Great job with the programming


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Huummm, I got it! Thank you!

About being a former rally co-driver, this is really cool!
I participated in a regular rally here in Brazil also as co-pilot, it was amazing I really liked it!
But in my case it was like amateur.

Congratulations! This entire experience must have been incredible!

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Hello PaceDriver,

Somehow, I missed this great thread when you first posted it. The tie-down cords for the Start/Finish arch are something I have never seen on a model before - excellent detail.

Good of you to share your Arduino timing unit.

Keep the updates coming.

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